Chapter 2: Meet the 2nd

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Ace: Where am I? Everything is pitch black....

???: I can't believe I ended up with you..

Ace suddenly woke up.

Hansel: Oh you're finally awake. *looks at Gretel* Gretel tell the others that Ace is awake.

Gretel: Understood.

Gretel ran outside of the tent to tell the others.

Ace: How long was I out? My head still hurts.

Hansel: 5 hours... you've been out cold  for 5 hours.

Ace: What about Jero?! There are still others like him!

Ace quickly stood up.

Hansel: Whoa! Don't force yourself! You're still recovering.

Ace looked at his wounded hand and he removed the bandages.

When he finally removed it, he was surprised that his wound was gone without a trace.

Then Julie and Ezra came inside of the tent where Ace was in.

Julie: Thank goodness you're finally awake.

Julie was happy and quickly hugged Ace.

Ezra: Take it easy Julie, he's still recovering from his fight.

Julie lets go and gave Ace a smile.

Ace smiled back, but he realized something.

Ace: Guys, there are more of that thing in that dome. I need to find it and finish this test.

Juniper: The test is already over. You passed.

Juniper came out of knowhere (as usual).

Ace: What do you mean?

Juniper: Follow me outside.

Ace obliged and followed Juniper outside.

And outside, the unknown boy and Cole (Commander of the royal army) was waiting outside of his tent.

Boy: So you're Ace, huh. You're not what I expected you to be.

Ace was confused on who the boy was.

Ace(chibi): Umm... who is this brat on a field trip?

Boy(angry): Who you calling a brat, brat!!

Ace: By the way, where is the dome..?

Boy: It collapsed due to the explosion.

The boy exchanged looks at Juniper and Cole.

Boy: I wanna talk to Ace alone.

The boy led Ace near to the field..

Ace: So... what you wanna talk about.

Boy: Do you see these this round things...

Ace: I can see them, but I don't know what they are.. and your point is?

The boy placed his hand on one of them.

Boy: These are the adaptrix breed eggs.

Ace: What..?! Stop joking around kid! Jero told me that there are more like him, and he isn't talking about eggs!

Boy: Listen Kid, if you don't believe me then don't.

Ace: So.. are you telling me, that Jero told me was a lie?

Boy: I can see that that "Jero" guy intimidated you.

Ace looked at his hand and then he closed it.

Ace: If Jero is gone, then who brought the eggs here...?

Ace slowly looked at the boy.

The boy had an intimidating look on his face.

Boy: Do you still need to think about it.

The boy walked back towards the others.

Ace: Who is this kid..?

The boy stopped and looked back at Ace.

Boy: Hey, what are standing around for. Let's head back to the others.

When they finally got back, Julie was worried about Ace.

Julie: Ace, are you alright? What did he tell you?

Ace: Oh, don't worry Julie. It was nothing.

Julie: Are you sure?

Ace: I'm sure..

Julie looked at the boy with a angry look. The boy was whistling and looked away.

The boy suddenly had an idea and whispered something at Juniper's ear.

Juniper nodded.

The boy walks towards Ace and gave him a blue colored pepper.

Ace: What is this?

Juniper: That's a rare type item that speeds up the healing ability of one's body.

Ace: It looks like this is just a prank..

Ace ate the pepper and suddenly his body was in tip top shape in no time.

Boy: Now that you're all healed up... Let's have a duel, Ace.

Ace take up a battle stance.

Ace: You'll regret this, kid.

Boy: I'll end this battle in 5 seconds. If you took a hit, you lose.

Ace: And if I went over 5 seconds without getting hit?

Boy: Then you win. But, before we start, I want you to go on your 50% power.

Ace: If you say so... 50% on!

Power inside Ace suddenly builds up.

Ace: My power is back! And functioning at full speed..!

Boy: Ready when you are..

Ace: Go!


Ace sprint in front of the boy and clenched his fist for a full blow.


The boy dodged his attack with ease.


Ace: What..?! He dodged it at point blank range?!


Boy: I told you didn't I? I'll finish this duel in just 5 seconds.


The boy snapped his fingers and Ace's body was hit by an explosion out of knowhere.

Boy: Battle ended. And in the end, you lose because you are naïve.

Ace was down and unscathe.

Ace: What just happened..?! An explosion just came out of knowhere!

Julie: Ace!

Julie helped Ace up in his feet.

Julie: He almost died twice! Stop giving him a hard time dad!

Ace: What?!! This kid is your dad!!?

Boy: It's a long story.

The boy starts to leave. And he stopped suddenly at his tracks.

Boy: By the way, I forgot to tell you my name. I'm Ash Straz, 2nd seat of the council.

Then he continued on walking.

Ace: No wonder he is strong, he is a member of the council.. But still...
I can't believe your father is a kid, Julie!

Julie(chibi): I'll tell you about it later.


Ash: Take care of my daughter, Ace, for the enemy has finally made a move...

To be continued

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