The Competition

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The next day...

The Queen started a speech for the people.

Queen Celestia: This afternoon, the fight between my daughter, and one of those beasts are going to take place here in the arena. Let's all give my daughter the best of luck, for she is our only hope in defeating those creatures. And when we do, our place will once again be in peace.

The amazons were happy, for they know that Ezra is the strongest warrior in their tribe.

Alexis seemed to be worried on the outcome of the battle.

Ezra was looking very determined. Alexis walks up to her.

Alexis: Are you sure about this Ezra?

Ezra: I should be. For I will finally see the result of my hard work, and to see smile on my people's faces once more

Alexis: I hope so...

Ezra suddenly looked at Alexis and smiled.

Ezra: And besides... I'll do my very best.

Alexis was suddenly shocked to see that.

Ezra: What's wrong?

Alexis: N-Nothing. I'll be cheering for you.

Ezra nodded in response and head back towards her room to prepare.

Alexis suddenly saw something.



The fight is about to start...

They now heard heavy footsteps coming closer to the arena.

Everyone was silent.

???: We have arrived.

Queen Celestia: Merlone.

Alexis: So the boss of the beastmen is called Merlone.

Merlone: Hmm... Now I know what I'll have as a trophy next.

Merlone sat down on the ground.

Merlone: Let's get this competition started shall we.

Queen Celestia: Very well...

Ezra came out of the shadows and went into the arena.

The amazons suddenly cheered for Ezra.

Merlone: Hmm.. this is rather interesting..

Drok: Boss, looks like every humans here has high hopes for their warrior.

???: You don't say...

Merlone saw that the warrior in the arena was Ezra.

Ezra: Merlone! Do you remembered what we talked about!

Merlone: Well, well, isn't this a surprise. Looks like you are finally back eh. Sure, if you win I'll bring back all of your people back to you, get out of this paradise, and tell you where your sister is.

Ezra: That's right!

Merlone: But if we win.... your mother will become one of my slaves.

Everyone in was shocked to hear that.

Alexis remembered what they are doing with the slaves back at the cave.

Ezra: What are you-!

Queen Celestia: Very well.

Ezra was surprised that her mother would accept such a thing.

Merlone: It is settled.

One of Merlone's warriors came out and went into the arena. Ezra's opponent is a werewolf.

Merlone: Don't disappoint me, Clau.

Clau: Of course not.

Queen Celestia: When the sun is above us the battle will start.

After a minute... the sun shone above the arena, and the battle was starting.

Clau sprint forward and tries to attack Ezra with his claw, but Ezra managed to avoid it.

Suddenly, Clau was inside a magic dome.

Ezra: It's over.

Clau grinned and scratched the dome which made a very unpleasant noise.

Ezra tried to stop the noise by releasing the dome.

Clau was free and once again, he is about to attack Ezra.

Ezra summoned a sword which deflected Clau's attacks.

Ezra summoned a bunch of weapon into the arena and she used it to attack Clau.

Both Clau and Ezra's weapons clash.

Clau: Getting tired, girly?

Alexis also noticed that Ezra was getting tired.

Alexis: She must be getting tired from catching up with that beast's attacks.

Clau: This is the end.

Suddenly, Ezra blocked Clau's attack with an airborne swords.

Suddenly, Ezra blocked Clau's attack with an airborne swords

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Ezra: For you that is. Swords of freedom!

To be continued...

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