Experiment (Part 1)

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I was 7 years old, when this happened.

Just like any normal kids, I was eager to play outside of the house.

But, my father won't let me. He kept on ordering the butler to keep me from going outside of the premises.

Ace: Come on! Please let me play outside!

Sebas(aka the butler): I'm sorry young master, but your father ordered me to keep you from going outside.

I was totally upset about it. I immediately went to my dad's room and ask him why.

When I enter the room, he looked me directly in the eyes and said: "What's wrong, Ace."

Ace: "I..."
I was scared and felt a chill in my spine.

Ace: N-Nothing...

I immediately leave the room without saying anything.

Dad: Wait. I know you want to say something to me. Say it, I'm kinda busy.

I glanced at him and I saw he was smiling at me.

I feel relieved for some reason.

Ace: Dad, can I play with the other kids outside?

His face suddenly frowned. My heart started beating faster once again.

Dad: No, you cannot.

Ace: Why?

He suddenly slammed his pencil down at the table.

I was so scared that I ran out of the room once again.


For some reason, my dad never wanted me to go and play outside.

All of the sudden, my mom hugged me. I feel really warm in my mother's embrace.

Mom: Whatever's bothering you, It's okay now, your mom's here to keep you company.

I don't know why, but I feel okay whenever my mom is around me.

The next day...

I tried to sneak out of the mansion and try to go outside and play.

I hid in the bush for a while, to see if the coast is clear for me to proceed outside.

Suddenly, the maids were in a panic as well as my butler. Mom and Dad aren't home, so I  thought maybe, just maybe, this is the perfect chance for me to go outside.

Butler's POV
I need to find the young master. It is dangerous for him to go outside.

He hurried and had the guards to open up the gate.

I quickly ran outside and finally, I was out.

Butler's POV
There he is!

Butler: Young master! Watch out!

I thought I was ready to go outside, but I didn't know that I was in the middle of the road.

Then, all of the sudden, I was knocked out.


I didn't know what happened, but when I woke up, I was in the hospital.

I saw beside me was mom, who was crying while holding my hand.

Meanwhile, Dad was talking with the doctor.

I looked up in the ceiling, and the worst part is that I feel pain all over my body.

Dad: The doctor said that he has a broken arm, knee, and jaw. And large wound openings.

My mom suddenly had tears in her eyes.

I wanna talk to them, and tell them I'm sorry, but I can't.

Liz's POV (aka Ace's mom)

Liz: Who would've known, that your elder actually know what will happen to the future of our family, Kaiser.

Kaiser(aka Ace's Dad): "The end of your family is near, but..." That's what he said, but he passed away before he could even tell me the whole sentence.

Liz feels unpleasent of what the elder had told them.

Liz: Don't you have work to do dear?

Kaiser: I do. Running the no. 1 mafia is not easy, I have to work daily, but today, I'm going to see my son.

Liz: That's very nice of you dear, but I can handle this one.

Kaiser: Are you sure?

Liz nodded in response.

Kaiser left the hospital to get to work.


I couldn't sleep, thinking about what mom and dad talked about.

I looked at my left, and I see mom sleeping peacefully.

All of the sudden, I was surprised to see someone standing in front of my bed.

I tried to wake mom up, but I can't because of the pain.

All I can do was nothing. I was helpless.

My heart beats faster, when the stranger's hands suddenly glow brighter.

I was blinded. And after a while, when I finally regained sight, I was in a place I've been into before. And in there, I saw kids being held up in cages and being chained...

To be continued...

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