Gorgons' Eye

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The next day...

Ace and the others are sitting near the counter, having a serious conversation.

Ezra: We need to think of a plan before we act.

Trent: So let me get this straight, so the guild is hidden at gorge valley.

Hansel: It's true.

Ace: Then let's head over there and kick that guild master into the curb.

Max: Are you insane? We don't even know what the enemy has in stored for us.

Julie: He's right. We're facing an evil guild, who knows if we encountered their Class S wizards.

Ace: Class S? So there is another Class higher than A?

Trent: Of course. Class S wizards are the strong wizards of a guild.
Ace: I get a feeling that one of us is a Class S.

Trent, Max and Julie suddenly stared at Ezra.

Ace was surprised.

Ace: You mean Ezra is a Class S mage!?

Max: You seriously didn't noticed that until now?!

Ace: What about you guys? What are your Class?

Julie: Class B

Max: Class A

Trent: Don't have one.

Ace: Huh? Are you serious?

Trent: I don't want to be in any Class.... never again..

Ace: Hmm..?

Trent: Oh sorry, just talking to myself.

Gretel: If you're gonna head towards the guild, you have to enter a one way route. That route is the canyon, but the strong mages are guarding there.

Ezra: I'll take them out, you all just have to focus on defeating the guild master.

Max: Understood.

Ezra: We leave in 20 minutes.

Ace walks out of the guild and head towards the town square.

Ace: It's been days since I came into this place.

He sat once again in the bench of the central square.

Ace remembered something wheb he was still in his dimension.

He remembered a lot of machines and something is doing to him.

Julie: Ace?

Ace stopped spacing out when Julie called his name.

Ace: Oh Julie, it's you.

Julie: Can I sit beside you?

Ace: S-Sure.

Julie beside Ace.

Julie: You sure do love staying in this place.

Ace: *smiles* I just happen to get a liking in this bench. It just feels like I was...home.

Julie: hmm..? Where do you lived anyway?

Ace raised his hand in the air and clenched it.

Ace: I live very far away from here.

Julie: I see.

Ace: What about you? Where do you live?

Julie: Umm... Well... I live from far away here as well.

Ace: Is that so?

Julie nodded in response.

Max walks up to them.

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