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Ace: No way... Charlotte?

Leader: So... you're Ace eh.

Charlotte dropped her knives and hugged Ace.

Julie: What's going on..?

Ace: I can't believe that I finally found you...

Ace also warpped his arms around her and hugged her.

Leader: What a touching reunion, but he's an enemy...

Charlotte: I know....

Ace: What happened to you Charlotte...

Charlotte grabs the knives.

Ace quickly dodged Charlotte's attack.

Ace: .... you aren't the same you used to be..

Charlotte: I'm sorry, but what the leader says is absolute..

Ace was surprised to see that the moment she tried to attack Ace, her eyes were in tears.

Ace: There must be a reason behind this..

Suddenly, a person came out of the woods and was holding a book.

Leader: Looks like our work here is done. Good job, Spade.

Julie: Did he just said Spade?!

Leader: Back to base.

Charlotte: Understood.

They suddenly teleported back to their base.

Julie can finally move.

Julie: That girl, she's the one you're looking for, right?

Ace: Yes.

Julie looked at Ace and she saw how serious he was.

Ace: Let's report back to base.

Julie: But what about the library?

Ace: They only bought time for them to get that book. This is rather urgent.

Julie: O-Okay..

They went back to the entrance where the effect of the woods' ability can't reach.


As they head back towards the royal kingdom.

All of a sudden, someone came out of knowhere and tries to punch Ace.

Ace reacted and quickly evaded the attack.

Julie: What the-?!

???: I have found you...!

The person wears a hood so Ace doesn't know who it was.

Ace: Who are you!

???: Don't tell me you have forgotten about me already...

He removed the hood, and Ace was once again shocked.

Ace: Kai?!

Kai: Ever since what happened then... you are the main reason we ended up like this!

Ace: What do you mean?!

Kai: I'm a member of the four horsemen.... and I was assigned to eliminate both of you!!

(Years ago)

The debris was about to hit Ace...

Charlotte suddenly ran outside of the elevator. She heard what Ace said.

Then the debris hits them.

Kai: Cahrlotte!!! Ace!!!

After an hour..

Kai kept on digging in the debris, hoping to find them.

Suddenly, a person in a wheelchair head towards them.

???: Hmm..? What's wrong boy?

Kai has tears in his eyes while he digs.

Kai: My friends are buried here..

???: Don't worry... I'll help you.

Suddenly the debris float through the air. And finally Charlotte was found, but Ace was knowhere...

Kai: Charlotte.. wake up..

Charlotte wokes up...

Kai: I'm so glad...

Charlotte: Who are you?

Kai was surprised on what she just said.

Charlotte: You're not Ace...

Kai: What do you mean..

???: She's experiencing an amnesia..

Kai punched the wall.


???: Hmm.. I may be able to help you.

Kai: What?

???: I want you two to join me, and together, we will have what we want in no time.

And that was the moment... Kai and Charlotte join the Four Horsemen...

To be continued...

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