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When I came to, I was already at a treatment center.

I looked at my left, and I saw that it is already morning.

And on other hand, in my right is where I saw Lily sleeping.

Cole then, came inside the room.

"After she was treated, she stayed up all night looking after you" said Cole.

"I see...." I said with relief that she was fine.

Ash recalls what Cole told him the other day...

"I noticed that Lily has feelings for you. And it is very disappointing that you didn't even try to realize it" said Cole.

"Really?!" I said with surprise.

"See? You didn't even know about it. So I recommend you to make it up to her by then" said Cole.

(End of flashback)

She then woke up.

"Goodmorning, Ash. Are your injuries fine?" She said.

I hold her hands.

"What're you doing Ash?" She asked.

"Let's get married" I said.

She was surprised on what I just said.

"Wha--... why are you telling me this out of the blue" She said while being embarassed.

"You asked before right? You wanna know what my wish is... and now I know. My wish is to protect you with my life, and in order to do that, we must create an unbreakable bond" I said.

"Then my answer is yes" she said happily.

Cole left the room with a smile.

"That'll do, Ash. That'll do." Said Cole.


As years gone by....

Lily and I are married and lived alongside in a house beside a lake.

"Looks like we are needed on another mission" I said.

"Of course. Because you're ability is needed on the battlefield" said Lily.

"Papa is strong!" Said Julie (3 years old).

"Of course I am" says I as I raise my daughter.

Moments later... The three of us left home and went to base immediately.


At the base...

"Looks like we'll be in a real trouble this time..." said Cole.

"What's the mission all about?" I asked.

"The king's castle was infiltrated by the rogue mages" said Cole.

"Then what happened to the royal family?!" Said Lily.

"They were rescued before the castle was fully infiltrated. And worst of all..." Said Cole.

"What is it?" I asked.

"They have a G.O.D(Gear of Destruction) in their possesion" said Cole.

"What type of G.O.D do they have?" I asked.

"Continent destroyer" said Cole.

"What?!" I said in surprise.

"We received orders that we must stop the activation of this weapon as soon as possible, or else hell is gonna spread throughout the world" said Cole.

The next day.. we started the mission. But, who knew that this mission was gonna be like this...

To be continued...

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