Just in time

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Ace and Ash finally arrived at the royal kingdom.

As they walk across town, they both noticed that not one soul was around. And every house is shut.

And when they finally got into the castle's gate. The royal army was stationed there.

Ash: What's going on here.

The royal army suddenly pointed their weapons at them.

Royal commander: Sorry, but as long as we do what he says.. he won't hurt the royal family.

Ash suddenly had a angry look on his face. He directed his right hand at them and was about to snap his fingers.

But, Ace stopped what Ash was planning and knocked him out.

Ace: Jeez, that'll only kill them... at least let me deal with them.

The royal guards charged straight at Ace.

Ace: 10% strength on!

Ace dashed towards them, and at the blink of an eye, everyone was out cold.

Ash: Talk about weak.

Ace was surprised that Ash was already up.

Ash: If you are gonna knock me out, at least put some strength in your hit.


Ash: Enough dawdling around. Let's go!

Both of them infiltrated the castle.

And at the end of the hallway, the guy with a cloth weapon was guarding the door.

???: Two against one isn't fair. I'll let one pass, but the other one stays here.

Ace: It's you again!

???: Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jazz and I'm a mercenary.

Ash: Hey Ace. I'll leave the rest to you.

Ace was confused on what Ash just said.

Ash threw Ace towards the door.

Ace: What the hell are you doing!

Ash: I've got some unfinished business with this guy.

Jazz: Very well. Go on ahead, boy.

Ace went on ahead, leaving Ash against Jazz.

Jazz: I know that you want to take back your daughter, but do you think that boy will achieve victory on the opponent he is about to face?

Ash: I know that he doesn't look like much, but when he gets there, he will know what to do.

Jazz: Very well, Let us begin.

Both of them clashed and started the brawl.


Julie finally woke up, and was confused on where she is.

Julie: Where am I?

???: Welcome back to your grave once again, Little one.

King: What are you plotting, terrorist.

???: That's Kenzo to you.

Queen: We'll do whatever you say, just please let our daughter go.

Julie looked beside her, and she saw that the princess was also tied beside her. It looks like she was crying because of her current situation.

Kenzo: There is nothing you can do! I will cleanse this world with this-!

His shadow turned into the Continental Destroyer.

Kenzo: This g.o.d is quite tricky, it needs to consume a certain crystal. And once it did, it'll fire a huge magic ball into the atmosphere, it'll split into 7 different magic ball and hits all of the continent. Erasering the existence of all mages. And the fact that this castle is in the center of the world.

Julie: He is insane!

Kenzo: The fact that both of these girls are exposed to the holy crystal, even without the crystal, I can still use this two as a core.

King: He knew?!

Grabbed both of the princess and Julie and was about to put them in the core.

Julie and the princess: Help!

King: Stop it!!

Suddenly, something went past the king and queen in full speed.

Ace: 30% strength on!!

Ace punched Kenzo and sent him flying through the wall.

He also safely grabbed the princess and Julie into his arms.

Ace: Just in time..

To be continued...

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