Flame Burst

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Ace: 50% strength on!

Jero sprint at Ace with full speed.

Ace clenched his fist and prepared it for a full blow.

Just before Jero comes close to Ace, he jabbed at Jero with a powerful blow, creating a trail of air pressure.

But, what he hit was actually Jero's afterimage.

Jero: It's over!!

Jero's claws are sharpened like swords.

Ace: He's behind me..!?

Ace tries to dodge, but his palm was scratched from Jero's claws.


Juniper rans down the stairs and thinking of helping out Ace.

Juniper: I messed up... Now he's gonna die because of my stupid decisions.

Back at the field...

Ace: I managed to dodge somehow... his speed is incredible... I only dodged his attack out of instincts, but this is way too much..

Jero looked at Ace with dreadful eyes.

Ace: I need to build up my strength once again. 50% strength on!

But, nothing happened. Ace was shocked that he can't unleash his power.

Ace: M-My power! It's gone?!

Ace looked at Jero who was already standing in front of him.

Jero grinned and was about to strike at Ace.

Ace had no choice but to block with his hand.

Ace: This is between life and death..! In order to save my life, I have to lose a hand!

Juniper has finally entered the dome and was about to save Ace.

Juniper: ACE!

Juniper ran as fast as she can to save Ace.

Ace heard Juniper's voice which gave Ace a little couragement.

Ace: 50% ON!!!

All of the sudden, A huge flame came out of Ace's wound. Incinerating Jero and half of the forest with it.

Juniper was stopped in her tracks, and was astonished on what she just saw.

Ace: W-What just happened..?

Ace can barely stand up.

Juniper helps Ace and they immediately left the dome.

Juniper: Ace.... What are you?

Ace was speechless and looked pale.

When they are finally outside of the dome. The medical group of the royal army quickly attend Ace's wounds.

Cole: What happened inside the dome?

Juniper: It's hard to explain. We'll just have to wait for Ace to recover and have him explain it for us.

Julie and the others quickly came down the stairs.

Julie: Where's Ace?

Cole: No need to worry, he's just tired in his fight.

Julie: Thank goodness...

Everyone was relieved.

Ezra: Master, What was that flame all about..

Juniper: I don't know. But, that must be the result of the experiment to his body that he talked about.

Ezra: What experiment?

Juniper: It was the experiment site that the headmaster raided back then.

Ezra: You don't mean..?!

Juniper: Mission: Code Unknown.

All of the sudden, the whole magic dome collapsed.

Cole: Shit! The barrier's down!!

Hansel: That means.... the other adaptrix breed might attack us at anytime now!

Gretel changed to her gun form for Hansel to use her.

Juniper and the others kept their guard up, waiting for the enemy to pop up.

Cole: Protect Ace at all cost, they must be after him!

Suddenly.. a boy came out of the dome and is pulling a net with 3 big eggs.

Julie: Wait... NO WAY!!!

To be continued ...

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