The Ancient Magic User

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Ace: I am the one who's gonna beat all of you.

Thros' POV
Another strong-wannabe mage shows up, but, he doesn't emit any strong magic aura.

Ace was suddenly surprised when he saw Max siding with the enemy.

Ace: Goddammit Max! I thought you were on our side! What the hell man!

Lux: This man's body now belongs to me.

Ace disappeared.

Drol: He's gone...?!

Thros keeped his guards up.

Thros' POV
Invisibility magic!? No, something is weird from that mage...

Lux: Maybe he ran off... Well, let's go back to what we're supposed to be doing.

Lux glanced back at Julie, who was about to be tortured along with Ezra.

All of the sudden, someone grabs his face and grips hard.

Lux screamed in pain. The pain he is now receiving is like your face is being crushed by a bulldozer.

Ace: What are you talking about.

As Ace grips hard, he glances at Lux with a serious look.

Drol appeared behind Ace, and creates a shadow dagger, and was about to stab Ace.

Drol: Die!!

But, before he even stab Ace, his face was also grabbed and was being crushed by Ace's hands.

Drol: It hurts!!!

Thros: Who are you!

Thros' POV
Judging from this person's look, he doesn't belong to any guild at all.

Ace: I told before didn't I? *Serious look* I am the one who's gonna beat all of you.

Drol escaped along with Lux, by using his shadow.

Ace: Oh, what is this? Shadow magic I presume.

Drol: You'll pay for what you did to us!

Lux was filled with rage and attacks Ace with a huge amount of Air blades.

Due to his multiple attacks, the area around Ace was destroyed.

Lux: Let's see if you survive that you bastard!

Thros is speechless and just watches as his guild members battles Ace.

When the smoke clears, a magic field was in front of Ace.

Ace: It really is rare for me to see your magic... Julie.

Julie: Thank you Ace for breaking me free from the shadow chains. As a token of my appreciation, I'll handle these guys, you handle the guild master.

Ace: Well said Julie. Let's both take this guys down once and for all.



Trent is still at the guild, taking care of the twins.

Trent: You guys better hurry up, I don't think these two aren't gonna last much longer...


Drol and Lux vs. Ace and Julie.

Drol: I don't know where you people are getting your confidence from, but you will never beat us.

Drol powered up his magic.

Thros suddenly turned his back and heads back to his throne to watch them fight.

Ace: I don't know what you're talking about, but, in order for me to finish my mission, I will have to beat all of you.

Lux(sneered): I can still feel a huge amount of magic coming from this body. Looks like the real battle starts now.

Ace and Julie keep their guards up.

Ace: Julie, I'll take care of Max, you're up against that shadow boy.

Julie: Got it.

Ace: Here we go!

Battle commence!..

Ace charged up against Lux.

Julie was about to charge up to Drol, but Drol got her first.

Drol: I'm way stronger!

Drol kicked Julie, blowing her away to a different room.

Drol: You're not getting away!


Ace sensed attacks going straight at him, but he quickly dodged it.

Lux: Hey now, looking away from your opponent is quite rude you know.

Ace's POV
Damn it! I hope she's okay... Not to mention, Ezra passed out due to exhaustion... We don't have much time.


Julie was fine and was able to block Drol's attack earlier.

Julie: Damn it, he really got me there.

Julie looked around, and she saw a lot of books.

Julie: Am I in the library? It's really dark in here.

Julie reached inside her pocket and took out a crystal light.

Julie: Crystal flash!

The crystal suddenly glowed, lighting up the whole room.

All of the sudden, a stack of books fell.

Julie keeped her guards up, knowing that she is not alone.

Out of knowhere, a spear made of shadow was heading straight towards her.

She was able to block it using the shield she used earlier.

Julie: That was close.

Drol pops out of the shadows.

Drol: What interesting magic you have.

Julie: Thanks for the compliment, coming from an enemy.

Drol: However, I will still win.

Drol's shadow created spear tentacles and heads straight towards Julie.

Julie used her magic to block ot again, but suddenly, the shadows evaded the shield and goes around it, and it hits Julie's left shoulder.

Julie: OW!!

Drol: That's right, I can control my shadows like homing missiles.

Julie: Dammit! He's way stronger than I expected.

Drol: Thanks for the compliment, coming from an enemy.

Julie saw a sword around in the corner.

She quickly ran towards it.

Drol: Trying to run away? Where is that confidence you had a while ago.

Drol attacks Julie, but Julie was able to evade all of them, despite her condition.

Julie successfully grabbed the sword and points it at Drol.

Drol: *Laughs hard* You're really desperate.

Drol creates a huge shadow spear.

Drol: This is the end.

Drol attacked Julie, but all of the sudden, a ray of light appeared beside Julie.

Drol: What the!?

Drol's shadow spear faded away.

Julie: I guess I should be serious then..

Drol's eyes widen when he saw a tiger beside Julie.

Drol: This m-magic! Don't tell me you're a.... Ancient magic user!

Julie pointed the sword at Drol and she did a battle stance.

Julie: Ancient magic: Divine Beast Tiger

To be continued...

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