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The next day...

Ace and the others split into teams to gather info on who they're up against.

Hansel: Here are the teams; Ace and Julie, Max and Ezra, Me and my sister, and lastly Zaldo can handle his own.
Our mission is to gather information, if the enemy is spotted, immediately avoid combat. We don't know what we're up against.

Ace and Julie decided to go to the sacred library. Max and Ezra went to the kingdom of Garlunica. Hansel and Gretel went to the Forest of lost dreams where an information holder is located. While Zaldo alone heads back to the wrecked guild to look for clues.


Ace: The Sacred Library huh...

Julie: It is located in the looping woods.

Ace: Judging from the name, it's a maze.

Julie: Yes. I also heard that some people who went there never came back.

Ace: Is this Sacred Library a big of a deal?

Julie: In fact, it is... it holds almost all information about who and what kind of living things in this continent.

Ace: Well then... shall we?

Julie: Yes.

They head inside of the woods.

Ace: Stay close to me. We don't know what strange things this woods has in store for us.

Julie: O-Okay.

Ace holds Julie's hand as they are walking through the woods.

Ace: Strange... so far, nothing is happening...

When he moved the bush out of the way, he was astonished.

Ace: We went pass here a few minutes ago..

Julie: Don't tell me... we're lost?!

Ace: I guess you can say that.

Suddenly, knives came out of knowhere and was about to head straight at Ace's face.

Julie quickly deflected the knives with her axe.

Julie: Looks like we're not alone either.

Ace pressed the crystal near his ear and it formed into a mask. Julie also did the same thing.

1 hour ago...

Hansel: By the way, don't forget to use these crystals.

Julie: What are they?

Cole: A special mask to conceal your identities from the enemy. It's made of diamond so... it won't break that easily.

Hansel: When you encounter the enemy, conceal your face as soon as possible.

Ace: Well, that is gonna be a problem, one of the enemy already saw our faces.

Hansel: That isn't a problem, the fact that the enemy is alone means that they are not with each other at the moment. So there is a high chance that the others doesn't know what you all look like. That makes us and the enemy even.

Zaldo: If we don't know the enemy, then we shouldn't let the enemy know who we really are huh.

Hansel: Indeed..


???: I'm surprised you  dodged that.

Ace was also surprised that the enemy is also wearing a mask.

Ace: I guess they had the same plan huh..

Julie: Our enemy this time is a girl huh.

A person in a wheelchair came out of the shadows.

???: Hmm... Looks like you two are also headed for the Sacred Library huh.

Ace: Who are you people?!

???: I am C, one of the four horsemen. And this person in the chair is our leader.

Ace: Leader?!

To be continued...

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