Unexpected Foe

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Ace and Julie went to the town square to look for new clothes.

Ace: For some reason, a lot of people are staring at me.. *looks at clothes* Oh right, my clothes are damaged by Jero.

Julie: Over there Ace! Let's head over there.

Ace: Okay okay, no need to rush.

They both went inside the store and quickly find Ace some new clothes.

Julie: Here Ace, try this.

Ace: Okay.

As hours goes by... both of them finished on buying clothes and also eating.

 both of them finished on buying clothes and also eating

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Both of them decided taking a break and sit at a bench.

Ace: Hey Julie, Can I ask you something?

Julie: Sure, What is it?

Ace: When you first became an official member of the guild, where is your crest?

Julie: It's better for you not to know.

Ace: I see.... Last question... "Always keep a low profile", that's the first rule of becoming a member said the master.. Do you have any idea what it means?

Julie: It's a way for us to remain in peace. To put it bluntly, we are not a well-known guild, and we have to keep it that way.

Ace: I see...

All of the sudden, they were both silent, creating an awkward atmosphere.

Julie: I-I'll go take a bathroom, be right back.

Ace: O-Okay...

Julie rans toward the public restroom.

Julie looks at the mirror with a red face, thinking about how awkward they are back there.

Julie: W-What's wrong with me! It's not a big deal being in love with someone right!

She is currently talking to herself in the mirror.

Julie: *sigh* To be honest, this is my first time falling in love with someone... we didn't know each other for a long time, but....

Suddenly she saw someone wearing a black cloak behind her.

???: Found ya'.

Julie was in danger as the person knocked her unconcious.


Ace: Hmm.... I wonder what's keeping her. Maybe I'll go wait for her outside.

Ace head on towards the public restroom, and is waiting outside.

Ace: I guess girls are taking their time doing these sorta things... probably.

All of the sudden, the person with a black cloak ran outside of the girls' restroom.

Ace: Whoa, what was that all about?

Suddenly, he saw that that person was carrying Julie in its back.

Ace: Julie!!

Ace quickly chased the person.

Ace: Stop right there!!

The person glanced at Ace and gave him a smirk.

The person released long cloths and it served as a maneuvering gear. It increases his chance of escaping.

Ace: I'm not gonna lose!!

Ace used his ability and jumped as high as he can to grab the person.

But, the person used his cloths to attack Ace.

Ace successfully blocked it, but due to the attack, his momentum was cut off.
And because he was airborne he can't get any boost at all.

Ace landed hard on the ground. And the kidnapper managed to get away.

Ace: I couldn't save her... Damn it!!!

To be continued...

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