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The next morning...

They finally arrived at Yggdrasil.

Ace: This place is so big~

Julie: Yes indeed.

Max: So this is where the Mystic games will take place.

Juniper: Hey, brats. Don't get lost.

Hansel: Even the harbor is filled with people that are from different countries.

Ezra: So, what do we do now.

Juniper: Just follow me.

They head on towards the town square which is also filled with people and too many stands.

Ace: Man, this place is flooding with lots of people.

Max: It's already expected, for the fact that the Mystic games is famous throughtout the globe. It's only natural that people from across the world visits this place in this time of year.

Juniper: The twins and Max will come with me to the coliseum to register. While you three will find this address.

Juniper hands over a piece of paper to Ace.

Ace: Got it.

Juniper: We'll meet at that address.

Juniper and the others head on to the coliseum.

Ace and the girls are trying to find the address that was written on the paper.

Suddenly, Ace bumped into a stranger and Ace fell down.

Ace: Oh sorry.

???: It's fine.

The person hold out his hand to help Ace get up, when Ace saw that the person's hand has a mark of a guild in it.

???: You need to watch where you're going, or else you'll get lost.

Ace: Thanks for the tip.

Ace and the girls continued their search.

Julie: That person has a very strong aura.

Ace: You think so? I kinda saw his guild mark.

Ezra: What kind of mark is it?

Ace: Lemme see.... the mark is a pawn with wings.

Ezra: Could it be..?!

Julie: He's a member of the guild Heaven's Pawn?!

Ace: Are they that big a deal?

Julie: Of course... they are Rank 3 in the last year's Mystic games. Rank 2 is the guild called Red Raiders. And the on the first rank is the Berserkers.

Ace: So I bumped with one of the most greatest guilds' member.

After hours of looking, they dound the address and they were surprised to see that it was a huge building.

Juniper: There you guys are. You found the inn.

Ace: This looks like a skycraper rather than an inn.

Juniper: This inn is made for the guild members that are going to participate on the games. Let's go in and take a rest.

They went inside and head onto their respective rooms.

Ace opened the door to his assigned room, and he saw his roommate was a girl.

???: So you're my roommate?

Ace: How come I have a roommate.

???: Every member has one. My name is Cleo, Cleo Ainzberg. Nice to meet you.

Ace: I'm Ace. Nice to meet you.

Ace head inside and unpacked his things. While, Cleo is playing with her pet cat.

Ace: So your guild is also participating in the games?

Cleo: Yeah. My guild is pretty strong you see. By the way, what's your guild called.

Ace: Pixies Scales. You?

Cleo: So your guild's pretty new around here. My guild is... the Berserkers.

Ace was surprised to know that his roommate is one of the members of the strongest guild.

To be continued...

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