A is for Ace

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Everyone in the world are living in a normal life..all except one..and you know exactly who it is.

Ace(wokes up): *yawn* Is it morning already...?

The door was opened by the manager of the orphanage.

Manager: Rise and shine, young master.

Ace turned his back, and feels kinda pissed off.

Ace: Tsk, how many times do I have to told you not to call me that Mary!

Mary(Manager): Hmpt.. Rude as always I see. And how many times do I have to tell you that, you can't change the fact that you are the next family heir, you can't just stay here in the orphanage forever you know.

Ace walks out of the room with an angry look in his eyes.

Ace: Talk about a bad way to start the morning.

Back at his room, Mary is cleaning up his room.

Mary: *sigh* What am I gonna do with your son Liz. He doesn't know it yet, but I know someday, he will find the right answer.

Meanwhile, Ace changed into his outdoor suit and head to the city for breakfast.

When he opened the door of the orphanage, ten guards are standing outside with a black limo, and suddenly, they all stand in attention when they saw Ace coming out of that door.

Ace: Like I said, I hate this kind of life.

He walks away and ignored the guards and the limo.

Guard 1: Sir! Where are you going? The limo is right here to transport you to the place you're going.

Ace(continues walking away): I don't need the limo! I can do this myself!

Ace walks on the sidewalk on his own.

He looks around as he walk down the city's sidewalk. Cars honking and people walking are the only things he notice.

Ace: This city is busy as always.

An hour later, he finally reached his favorite diner.

He then, enters the diner to have something to eat.

Person(at the counter): Welcome back, Ace. So, what are you gonna eat today?

Ace(sits down): I would like to order the usual Theresa.

Theresa: Ok then. One large burger, a side of fries and a cola.

Ace thinks deeply as he waits for his meal.

Ace's POV
I guess this is the only place where they treat me as a normal person.

Back at the mansion, all they talk about is how I should take responsibility, now that I am the next heir. And because of that, I left home and decided to stay at the orphanage of my mom's best friend.

I don't want all of this stuff, all I want is to live normal like everyone else.

A few minutes later..

Theresa: Here is your order Ace *puts food down on the table*.

Ace: Thanks for the food.

Ace was about to eat, but he suddenly felt a pain in his chest.

He fell down on his knees and clutched his chest.

Theresa: Ace! Are you okay?!

Theresa helps Ace up.

Ace is wheezing very hard.

Ace: I-It's okay... I can get up myself.

After a minute.. Ace regained his strength and the pain was gone.

Theresa: Are you sure?

Ace(smiles): Yup.

Ace finished up his meal and paid at the counter.

As he walks down the sidewalk, he noticed that firetrucks are dashing to the direction he is going.

Ace: What's going on?

When he reached the orphanage, the building was burned down.

Ace couldn't believe his eyes.

He quickly tried to ran inside of the building, but the police operatives stopped him in his tracks.

Police 1(grabs Ace's hood): Don't go in there! The building could collapse anytime!

The police grabbed Ace and put him inside of the police car.

Ace just watched the whole building get burned.

Ace: I couldn't do anything... I just wanted a normal life.

Ace's heart starts pounding faster. While he is feeling sorry for himself, he grabbed the door handle. He gripped tighter, and suddenly, the door of the police's car broke.

Ace quickly ran away to the alley.

He stopped and looked at his hand, he became emotionless.

Later that night...

Ace walks down the alleyway, doesn't care where the road takes him.

He was stopped by two unknown thugs.

Thug 1(pulls out gun): Hand over all your valuables.

Ace didn't respond and just continued on walking.

Thug 2(pulls on Ace's hood): Didn't you hear what he said!

Ace quickly turns around and grabbed the two thug's face and nailed it to the wall.

Ace then, continues on walking.

He jumped high, and reached the empire state building's top floor.

Ace: I don't care about my life anymore.

He lay down and closed his eyes.

He suddenly hear explosions, and feel a strong breeze.

When he opened his eyes, he wakes up in a meadow in an unknown location.

Ace: Where am I?

To be continued...

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