🚃Ch.2 Ride to school🏫

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AN; Reminding you guys and gals that I only own the plot and possible. Note the word possible OC's. The two girls at the top are not OC's the one with red hair is me and the one with blue is killjoy_jade Oh and I drew the chapter pic myself! Also heads up to @MapleDeath2002 and @craysans2005 for being the first readers to add my book to their reading list, thank you! Now enjoy!

Ch.2 Ride to School

I hopped out of the shower a few minutes ago, I had already gotten dressed and went down to the kitchen. I grabbed my self two eggs and began to boil them. I walked over to the counter and picked up my glasses, I put them on and after a few minutes my boiled eggs were ready.

I quickly finished them and put on my sneakers, grabbing my skate board, along with my bookbag. I rode my skateboard down the rode after locking the door. The bus came and as soon as it did, it was already half gone I pulled out a small invention my old friend made for me, I shot the arrow at the bus, as soon as I did it caught the bus.

I simply hopped on my skate board and did a few tricks alond the way, while I let the bus basically teach me the route to school.

Luckily I didn't live to far. If I didn't have my skate board, I would probably be one of the last kids to get on the bus to go to school.

I felt my phone vibrate in my left pocket and so pulled it out, a certain friend of mine that I have to thank wants to video chat. I choose to answer it.

On the screen on my phone popped up a spanish human girl. She had brown eyes and wavy strawberry red hair, she had tan skin. She didn't wear any makeup but it didn't make much of a difference, she had earing and a black hat a boy would wear. She wore a very colorful hip hop dance kind of outfit and had a lolly pop, she was into dance and sports obviously. She had a playful smile on her face, and her eyes were filled with mischief.

Yeah I know. She doesn't seem like a 'nerd' like me. But truthfully she is, she just has her own radical way of showing it.

"Fresh! Whats up! It's been forever!" She said.

From what I could see and hear she was most likely on a bus.

"Not much, just getting a little lesson on the bus route." I stated as a sudden yell came from the background in the bus.

"Move it Nerd!" A loud some what idiotic sounding voice said.

"Shut it Ched!" She yelled back just as agrivated as this Ched guy sounded, he was obviously one of the bullies there. You could see the pure disgust just by hearing him.

"So what are you doing besides being disgusted with that kid, Amber?" I asked her.
(No Amber is not an OC, Amber is me. Author-chan, deal with it 😎)

"Well just sitting, my friend Jade should be getting on soon, I'm just waiting for her to get her butt on here so we can party!" Amber said.

"Savage!" A girl said excitedly.

"Wild! Get over here, I want you to meet my bro!" Amber claimed back to the girl.

Suddenly a light skin girl with Blue hair and hazel eyes stole the camera, she wore black yet purple lipstick with a ying yang choker around her neck. She wore a batman kind of shirt. It was hard to tell she was a goth
(Basically the chapter pic is me and my friend Jade in my drawing style)

"Fresh this is Jade or as I call her Wild, Wild this Fresh my buddy from the school year before we met." The red head said.

"Bro, I have to tell you everything me and Wild did last year. It was insane!" Amber said.

"Oh my gosh Amber where are you going to even start!?" Wild asked.

"Oh... Haha I don't know!" Amber or how she's known over there, Savage laughed.

"Well we have to go any ways. I'll tell you later, alright?" She asked as I agreed.

"Alrighty then! Stay fresh my radical home slice! Peace!" Amber and Wild which I knew name was Jade due to her necklace waved, then they turned off the video camera.

I put my phone up as we entered the school gates.
(Am I the only one that has gates around my school?)

I pulled on the string that was tied to the arrow that stuck to the bus, and it came right back to me. I quickly put it away before anyone caught me with it.

I skipped breakfast since I already had some earlier, and went straight to the office since I saw it on my way in the gates. Rolled on my sjate board up to the office and picked it up, I walked in and there was a bored looking adult human.

He was sitting down reading a book while printing papers without even trying, I was going to try to get his attention but before I could even attempt to he already had mine.

"New kid, Fresh is it?" He said with a deep monotone voice. I was shocked, he didn't even glance from the corner of his eye.

He pulled some papers out of the bottom of the stack in, and quickly glanced at the papers before reading the book again. He tapped them against the table straightening the papers, then handing them to me.

"How?" I asked confused

" I know a 90s kid when I see one. Everything you need to know is in there, If you have any questions feel free to ask me anything. Have a good school day ." He said continuing to read his book.

"Oh. Have a good day." I said walking out to get to my first class.

"Here goes nothing!" I said cheerfully as I walked on the side walked to the building.

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