Greeting my handsome/beautiful readers!
I've been very busy lately however that will not deter me from publishing the next chapter of this book and the first new chapter of thhe next book most of you voted on earlier in my story.

The first chapter of my original story still here is an introducton to the world Unimei lives in and i highly suggest not ignoring this chapter bacause this chapter actually has hidden referneces and forshadowing to the rest of the book and is also shows the events right before she goes on her adventure in chapter 2.

Still here is also a series before i said that the story was 3 books however it's actually more, it's just that im still working on those stories. However I will only publish the first book, and all the other books that were voted in ealier will be published after the book. You can see which books will be published in order on my page in my description

i will allow you to vote again some where in my next book, and even request.

Now i'll reveal the titles of the three books of Still Here in order onlong with a hint to the prolouge to the story

"Disregard": Prolouge of Still Here (won't be published until first three books of series are done)
"Still Here": Publishing today
"Requiem": second book
"Reset Cognizance": Third book (forshadowing to prolouge)

Other books have yet to be revealed.

Well till next time my fellow reader!

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