AN; Today is Ivory's 9th birthday day. On my third book that is about my OC's I was writing about her and realized today is June 13th and I created her on June 13, 2008! So I wanted you guys and gals to celebrate her day of creation with me! And yes there will be an update on this book tommorow and this also effects the story! Enjoy this small bonus chapter!

Bonus Ch.1 Ivory's B-day

After me and Shifteh said our goodbyes, I decided to relax outside today since it's my day off of work. I played my favorite song.

I had the song Good Riddance in by Green Day. (yes that song is a 90s song)

"Fresh!" Blue suddenly popped out of no where making me flinch away shocked.

"What! What is it! Wait, how do you know where I live?" I asked accidentally raising my voice but Blue payed no mind.

"Today's Ivory's birthday! She's turning 18!" He shouted hapily with blue stars in his eyes.

"What but I thought she would have been turning 17?" I said questioningly as Trinity and Reboot dragged Eraser over.

"Okay! Me and my sister, along with Eraser have been talking. And we planned a birthday party for her at the park, and since you guys are also her friends too we decided to invite you!" Reboot said.

"Wow, okay I'm coming. What about you Fresh?" Blue asked.

"Well I don't work today so why not?" I said a small smile forming on my face, as Everyone except Eraser seemed happy about that.

He wasn't upset about it or anything he just looked, well a little tired...maybe dead even.

"Great me and Reboot stood up ALL night setting things up, and I made the invitations. So you better come to the party..." Eraser said pulling invitations out of his pocket and throwing them at us, only for them to slowly glide to the floor.

"...Those are the wrong tickets E, those are for Dream and Cross..." Trinity said quietly smiling as a tired Eraser looked at the tickets and groaned.

Soon he was going through the invitations in his pocket, muttering angrily about how having invitations were stupid.

"There." he threw the tickets at us again but we just stood there smirking as we saw him just drop his head again slowly dozing off.

"I tried asking him if he wanted help but he insisted I'd get some sleep..." Reboot said looking down at Eraser.

"I tried helping too." Trinity said.

"Yeah but after you fell trying to help me put the happy birthday sign up you were in real pain, he was looking out for you and I respect that. I'm sure you do too sis." He said smiling at her and she nodded blushing when he pat her head.

"...I'm not five, you don't have to pat my head like a dog anymore..." She puffed her cheeks.

"No. But there is one dog I'm sure you would love to pet..." I said holding back a laugh as she actually glared at me.

"Wha-" Reboot was about to ask but was quickly cut off by a flustered Trinity.

"Nothing, I just...saw a cute puppy at a pet store and really wanted to pet it since is fur looked soft." She said as I rolled my eye's playfully.

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