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Ch.18 Learning something new

Amber came back like she said a was playing on my TV, when I asked why she didn't play it in her house she said her stuff weren't delivered yet so she was 'crashing here'.

Surprisingly PJ wasn't what I thought. Yes I know he did say he brought his stuff for the project, but that's not what surpised me; it was the fact he was actually trying to help with the project.

We were at least half way done with it when I suddenly had to ask a question.

"Hey, PJ?" I asked as he hummed showing he was listening.

"Why...Well if it doesn't bother you. I was wondering why you stopped being friends with Ivory?" I asked hoping I didn't upset him with the question.

"..." He was silent for a moment which caused me to think it bothered him.

"I'm sorry, you don't have to answer that I just didn't know why you two would stop being friends." I said as he replied saying it was okay.

"We were really good friends. Me, Ivory, and I can't remember our other friend but we called her Terra. Ivory was still learning to control her magic; fire at the time." He said as I listen intently.

"My dad was working at the time. Ivory was over hanging out with me, and I told her I would be back. I was getting my basket ball, when the accident happened. We got into a fight and my dad came home panicing when he saw the house on fire. After the fight we never really talked to each other again, Terra tried cheering me up but I pushed her away like everyone else." He said as I felt bad for him, Ivory, and their friend who's nickname was Terra.

" After that day, nothing was really the same...but it's fine now. I understand it must've been an accident, so I can't stay mad at her forever." He said seeming to sound cheerful to lighten the mood.

" I had no Idea. I didn't think it would be over something as serious as a fire." I said being honest.

I knew it. I didn't really mention it before, but on my first day of school when Ivory got mad at Fell in Mr.Williams class; I noticed a red spark form in her hands before she later a finger on Fell.

I didn't want to make anything of it though.

"Yeah, that's what Undyne said when she found out." He said as I stood up.

"Want a drink?" I asked since we've been working a while on the project without a break.

"Sure, thanks." He said when I tossed him a Gatorade bottle that he caught easily.

"So Savage, are you going to school tommorow or are you going to leave me wondering?" I asked looking towards the red head.

"Mmmm...I'll go...when I feel like it." She said.

Yup, she's leaving it for me to guess.

"Fine, do you know when Wild gets here?" I asked as PJ joined us in the living room.

"Now that I think about it, I have no Idea when she's coming." She said as I got a Powerade out for her tossing it, she caught it.

"Does your nick name define you and your friend or something? Just wondering." PJ asked as Savage paused, her game rolling on to her back then looking at him.

"It define me when I decide to be an ass that tells the truth." She said as I glared at her.

She knows I don't like cussing, but she does it anyway.

"Me and Wild, we're like a team, duo to be exact. We're the type that listens to other people barks, and once we're done hearing their side of the story; we deliver the bite. We don't care how badly it hurts either. You take one step past our limit, we take 2 steps past yours." She explained.

"Savage and Wild are social misfits. They don't belong or chose not to belong to a sterotype." I explained as PJ understood now.

"So in other words your a bitch when you want to be, and don't care what anyone else has to say, or think of it regardless of any situation?" He asked as I glared at him but he didn't see since his back was to me.

"...For the most part, yeah." Savage mumbled sadly since she finished the slushie she got.

PJ and her asked questions about the school mainly, their both curious what the schools are like probably. Me an PJ worked quick on the project since we didn't have much left, we finished sooner than expected.

"I'll take the project just in case your friend, Savage throws another crazy fit. See ya at school Nerd." PJ stated and began to walk away to his house.

"Pst! Come over here!" Savage whispered as I closed the door.

God I was hoping she doesn't ask anything inappropriate.

"Congrats on the boyfriend." She teased as I blushed brightly.

"Once again he is not my boyfriend. Besides your usually never interested with relationships, so why are you trying to start now?" I asked as a big smile appeared on her face.

"Oh so there is something between you two?" She teased in a sing song voice.

"Wha- Oh. No!" I sighed realizing I should have thought before saying something.

She's one those people that are fairly easy to get along with, doesn't put up with anyone else crap but...She's also one of those people who can take what you say and either bend it to the truth, or something that benefits her.

The only thing that benefits her though is slushies and chocolate.

"Does he know about it ?" She asked.


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