Hey everyone! Like I promise this is the chapter where I let those of you who didn't have a chance add your OC's/yourself/ or your persona in the sequel to this story!

For a fresh reminder on what I need; I put this for you and I added one thing because I forgot to add it to the last one lol.

As long as you tell;

💖Their name(full name if you want)
💖Their appearance(plz send a image to me through messages if you have a pic of them)
💖Their age
💖Extra important fact about them for ex: backstory or allergies (optional)
💖Their species(what I forgot)
💖Their role (list of what I still need below)

What I need;

💖6 Teachers
💖5 parents
💖& 4 supproting characters
💖1 or 2 Rivals (added as well for drama lol)

So far thats all I need. Once I have enough characters for these I will inform you on the next update which characters I chose for the sequel and of course I will announce that your character belongs to you through the Cast(which I can only add on the computer) that way it will appear on every chapter so you will have credit for your character no matter what.

For those of you who aren't chosen don't worry and please don't be upset, you will get a shout out in my story and I will also draw your characters if you allow me to!

So now with that all said and done, I can't wait to see what amazing characters you have/or will contribute! Till next time my wonderful peeps!

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