AN: Before you all read this chapter, i just wanted to make it clear that i don't have a single clue on how pregnacy works so I just skipped what we already know would happen here. Also I want to say thank to Skylahlight for allowing to use her OC Starlight as one of the triplets and finally i hope you enjoy!

Chapter 3/4 The next Generation

I walked around nervously, why you may be asking? Well:
  1) I couldn't find my daughter Dusk.
  2) Starlight was crying loudly.
  3) Dawn was still sleeping while Starlight is still crying and the last thing I need is for him to wake up and be cranky with his sisters.

"Dusk! Where are you?" I shout as lowly as I could while looking in the cabinets for her, only to find the first aid kit i need.

"Starlight, wrap this around it and evem though it hurt try to move it every now and then okay?" I told her.

Starlight was different from her twins, she was light boned like me and had only one pupil like mebut its in her right eyes and is in the shape of a star like her fathers; but you hardly ever see it due to her bangs, yes she has long black silky hair which makes her different from her siblings. She wore an oversized T-shirt that fit her like a dress with striped stalkings and boots and her outfit consisted of red and white. She also didn't have any paint like designs on her unlike her siblings.

She's artistic and hopeful, and also doesn't fall into the nerd or jock category, everyone in school considers her the floater. She doesnt fit in with anyone yet she does so she easily gets along with everyone, but to be honest i was surprised that was even a stero type in school to begin with but I guess that explains Dream's, Palette's and West's sterotype.

"Dusk, please your brother is sleeping and you know how he gets when he is bothered." I sighed out loud enough for her to hear.

"Aww... Okay, but only because he's sleeping." She said crawling out from behind the couch and making her way towards me.

She definitely resembled her father more. She was dark boned with orange and purple tiny spots on her head that resembled splattered paint and her blush matched it as well. She had purple sockets and while both pupils were orange, her right eye was her soul and is starngely enough gold but Ink said he gave her this since he felt she would need it some day saying her soul trait was Inspiration.

Why her soul is orange is a bit complicated but lets just say she suffered from intense nightmares so Mr.Gaster lended a hand with the help of Ink my new father in law and put some essence of bravery in her soul to worked very well, maybe too well.Before she was always scared and quiet but not she not afraid at all and is just the definition of spunky despite only being 9. In other words she's most likely going to be the trouble maker, plus she's already been considered a jock in elementary so there's no denying that she'll most likely be surrounded by bad influences. She wore a lot of jackets and fingerless gloves with sneakers, often being majenta or cyan with hints of orange.

Dawn is the only boy me and PJ had together. He's somewhat the polar opposite of Dusk.

He also had the paint splatter design in the same place but instead he's light boned like me and its a light indigo and pink color. His sockets are a indigo with majenta pupils, once again his left eye being his soul the opposite from both his twin sisters. He was strangely born with his eyes like that but we're not sure why, no one could find the answeres how either.

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