AN; The reason why this ship is taking so long to set sail is because I'm trying to make it seem more realistic. Because it takes time for two different people in their situation to get together. So hope you guys enjoy this chapter!

Ch.14 Don't be weak

I stood. I shouldn't have.

Last night when Dream told me to trace my steps I realized my phone was missing.

The only memories I had left, we're in that phone. And I only had two of them in that device.

I stood because I didn't want to disappoint anyone, they all really wanted me to come.

I woke up at 2:15am in the morning. I left a note saying I left something behind at school, which I kinda did but now it was at PJ's.

I ran out in the streets. It was still dark, but the sun with rise once it's around 7am.

When I reached the jocks house it was still dark and I was out of breathe, now the tricky and weird part. How am I going to get inside?

I looked around after crossing out the idea of knocking on the door, I took note of the tree being high enough to get in a window. Heck, if I climbed up to the top I could walk on the roof!

Welp, here goes nothing.

I used the branches as leverage pulling my self up to the top of the tree, it took awhile considering I hadn't climbed a tree in a long time.

Eventually I made it to the top, and carefully made my way to the window. If I just barged in they would think I'm robbing them, so of course I knocked.

Its not like I'm going to get away from a athlete, and gym teacher that easily if they did mistake me as a theif. I knocked two other times but still know reply.

The only reply I got was the sight of a sleeping PJ shifting in his bed each time I knocked. Guess I have to just walk in.

I sighed hoping I wouldn't be ambushed by the teacher and the jock, as I carefully slid the window open after prying at it for a while.

Making sure the window wouldn't clamp shut I carefully climbed through it into PJ's room, his room was cleaner then I expected. All he had was hoodies thrown here and athlete things, but besides that his room was clean.

I walked over looking in each hoodie. I know he put it in his left hand pocket but which jacket? It was too dark for me to tell the difference between the said hoods.

The last one to check was the one on PJ, and I cringed. He was laying on his left pocket, my phone most likely being in there.

I quetly walked over knowing momentaringly I had to face my fear, I carefully pulled the said side of his jacket to I could get my phone.

Once or twice a irritated groan was heard from him, as I pulled on the side he fell asleep on.

I tried my best to not make any contact with him beside his jacket, succeeding in pulling his pocket out I reached in a grabbed my phone.

"Got it." I barely whispered to myself about to leave, but my wrist was grabbed tightly making me yelp quietly.

I was yanked over falling into the bed as my hands were pinned, and a hand held the collar of my shirt. My legs were also pinned down by another pair of legs, I was defenceless.

I struggled against his grip already knowing it was PJ.

"Who are you, and what are you doing in my house?" He asked harshly pinning me to the bed even more as I struggled.

I couldn't help but whimper and tear up as I paniced, my heart raced with fear and something else but mainly fear.

He was touching me, and I'm terrified of any contact. Which caused me to silently cry and shake in his grasp, I tried talking but could find my voice at the moment.

"Well?" He said waiting for my reply as his voice showed he was tired and annoyed, but I could feel his breathe on my tear stained face.

"P-PJ! I-it's me... F-Fresh...p-please let g-go of me!" I shakily sobbed out as I felt him tense above me.

His hand that held my wrist let go as he turned on the lamp on his bed stand, since he let go and the light turned on I instantly covered my face shaking violently.

I still couldn't move away since he was still on top of me, so I covered my now tear stained and blushing face with my hands.

"What the hell, nerd...? Do you have any idea how badly I would have beat you if you didn't say anything?" PJ scolded, but I could tell he was trying to be at least less harsh seeing my condition.

I hated it. It made me feel weak, like I couldn't defend myself. Yet I could say or do anything besides hold back a cry.

"...Hey, look I don't know what's up; but if I scared you... I'm sorry. I just thought you were some kind of kid napper, serial killer, or something..." He said holding himself up with his hands on either side of my shoulders.

I listened but I was still afraid by the contact, he did still have my legs pinned though.

I held back my tears and sobs as much as I could, knowing he was watching me break down. I didn't want to seem weak, I don't want to be weak.

He was going to make fun of me for this for sure, I laid there with no choice but to wait for the insults. Yet they never came.

I flinched as I felt his hand grab both of mine and pulled them away from my face, I looked away not wanting him to see my face. 1. because he would make fun of me, 2. I don't like people seeing me cry, 3. I was embarrassed, and 4) he would see my soul.

He stood silent at first just studying me, then he just sighed frustrated.

I tensed when he pulled me into a hug, as my heart skipped a couple of beats out of fear and another feeling.

Don't be weak.

"Your confusing, ya know Nerd."

AN; Welp, I would say hope you enjoyed this chapter but obviously you did with the small touch of fluff I finally put in this book, so thank you for being paitent. Also more fluff to come in the next few chapters. Glad ya enjoyed!

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