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Ch.6 Reading History (

"Forget lessons for today, I wanna know y'all as my class! So what are we gonna do!?" The teacher asked.

She was a human with hazel eyes and straight, shoulder length hair. She was very plump and small but she was still a pretty woman. She wore dark brown flat, with a white knee length laced designed skirt, a yellow spaghetti trap shirt with a matching white over jacket to match the skirt. She even had a yellow head band.

"We're going sit through out the class period on out phones." A student said .

"Nope!" She said grabbing the phone from the students hand and putting it in their bookbag.

"We are going to play a game!" She said pulling of a ball made of fabrics.

"So this is a game I made, I call it who am I. So I made four balls of fabric for four groups, one person will start in each group. You have to untie to the first fabric to get to the question, once you read the question I will choose who goes first. Who ever in each group found the question will then answer it, and we'll continue till no questions in fabric are left. Lets get started!" She stated enthusiastically as she tossed a ball of fabric to each group.

I was sitting next to Ivory, aparently she was the aid for this teacher, but even she couldn't escape the game. The teacher was playing herself!

She told the class she had to use the bathroom real quick and told Ivory to control the class, with that she left us to do as she ordered.

Me and Ivory were surrounded by four students in our group, Ivory being mad with two of them.

One was a skeleton with a red turtle neck shirt, a black leather jacket over with some ripped black pants, and matching sneakers. He had black studded accessories and a chain he swung around, with a single golden tooth and red tired eyes. He seemed like he didnt want to be here at all.

The other was the cat boy from PJ's group, what did they call him again? VP? Oh, no its BP. He wore black pants with matching shoes, a grey shirt and a red over jacket. He was just sitting there on his phone, giving me dirty looks from time to time. Ivory eventually took his phone away.

Then there was another skeleton. She was dark boned like PJ and Coach Error. Her pupils were light blue with Purple eyes, she had strange purple like code looking thing on her right cheek and left above her eyes. She had a shawl over her shoulders that glew the same color with a partially glow dress and matching boots. She was trying to hide her face in her shawl, seeming to be extremely shy.

Finally there was a human girl. She had light short brown hair and red eyes with naturally pink cheeks. She wore a yellow dress with a long sleeved green jacket, with a rainbow colored scarf. Its like she couldn't stop smiling.

" All you have to do is read your question so we know what your talking about then answer it, so just read it already!" Ivory stated upsetly with the skeleton in red.

"Why don't you come make me?" He stated back glaring at her as she did the same.

"Can I get my phone back now, lady?" BP asked impaitently looking at her.

She looked at BP with such a serious face, It looked like she was gonna kill him. He just looked away immediately shuting his mouth without another word.

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