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Ch.11 Thoughts and facts

"Thank you, have a great day and don't fight Tyler." Mr.Ink said looking at a human boy with a warning kind of look.

"Fresh, your art style really different then others. I honestly enjoy it though, good job." He said smiling at me waving as I thanked him.

I walked out the door and to my fourth period, today has been a little diffrent.

PJ and his friends weren't bullying me like they did last week, probably because I didn't 'get in their way'. Either that or because me and PJ are working on a science project.

Shifteh seemed to hang around me a lot more, and I couldn't help but notice she was more cautious than she usually is around me. I most likely freaked her out with the sudden panic attack this morning.

Ivory, Blue, Trinity, heck even Fell was acting a little weird around me and Shifteh. Mainly Trinity was the one acting the weirdest, she's always quiet and timid; but earlier today she was like a hollow tree.

Me and Goth had a small conversation earlier that led to me telling him what happened earlier on the side walk; apparently he saw me fall into the bushes while he was making his way to school. He understood enough to try, key word is try to comfort me.

I'm guessing he's not too familiar with comforting, or possibly even talking to people; but I'm not going to judge since I'm not good at that myself.

Although Palate seems to appreciate Goth a lot for trying to help, he also saw what happened since he goes to school with Goth.

I felt like someone was glancing at me here and there, most likely Reboot or Eraser. Most likely Eraser considering he asked Trinity who I was earlier, and gave Reboot a look day 'You should be worried.'

I can already see the crush Eraser and Reboot have on each other, so guessing by how close those two are Eraser must think of Trinity as some one he has to protect with Reboot; making me the possible threat.

They probably think I'm just pretending to be her friend to get something from her, I can't blame them though. Today that's all people do;

Look for someone who seems vulnerable and use them, then ditch them when what they want is done.

Their just protecting her so I'll try to talk with them later and tell them that I'm her friend, and I have no intentions on hurting her at all.

If anything it's only been a week we've been friendsand, and despite our small talk; I can already see her as a little sister myself.

But I couldn't help but notice the concerned, confused, or worried glances every now and then. Even PJ looks at me confused sometimes, but that's mainly when ever I'm with someone...I wonder what he's thinking.

Palete and Dream asked me to join them at their sleep over tonight, so we could get to know one another better. Goth said he would go since Palete asked him to come. Dream practically made Ivory to join by saying she would buy Ivory her favorite; Mangos. Ivory agreed right after that faster then a heart beat.

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