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Ch.15 Something wrong

Its been a couple of hours since PJ hugged me, and told me to go home and rest.

I walked across the main road still in shock of the eventsand, and went to my room. I felt...happy. Even though he touched me by pinning me, and hugging me which terrified me; I felt like for once I wasn't as scared of having contact.

I melted into his hug a moment after he held me, it was so...easy.

I couldn't fall asleep at all, I just felt too awake after that.

Maybe Goth right about me having a crush on him...

I still have an unsettling feeling. Like he watched the video, or saw the picture on my phone.

There nothing wrong with the picture, but it was the video. I down loaded the video after finally uploading it from a camera onto a computer.

It was a footage of the whole day, even at night. I know it caught everything, but I was to scared to watch it all the way through.

I wanted to know but am still too terrified to know the truth, yes I saw it happen but I didn't know everything.

That's what made the situation even worse.

I walked through the halls of school. Like usual Shifteh walked with me, I began feeling slightly uneasy around her.

She walked with me to the quart yard on the school, and every one was where they usually were. Although there was some changes.

Mr.Ink sat at a bench with Palete, Trinity was blushing as Kai the new monster talked to her, and PJ and his friends still joked around, but he seemed slightly quieter then usual.

Me and Shifteh walk over but I could help but notice a figure in the tree wearing black and white, Cross watched almost amused as he shrugged his shoulders and shook his head.

I looked at him confused but he only smirked silently questioning me, but I know for what?

I just continued walking as Cross went back to his phone, I felt like he was telling me something.

But I pushed it aside.

At Gym class we did another obstacle. Mr.Error watching everyone, West passed me giving me and encouraging look as she gave me a thumbs up.

I wasn't the slowest in the class, but I wasn't close to being the fastest; That was PJ's thing.

I suddenly felt someone pull the back of my shirt when I continued running forward, I nearly choked as I fell back; watching the teens that nearly drowned me last run by.

Before I could hit the ground though I felt someone grab the from of my shirt and pull me forward, which helped me to unsteadly stand and continue running.

PJ looked away and continue to run even after he helped me, besides Coach Error and possibly West; no one else saw him help me.

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