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Bonus Ch.3 Kai's birthday

Today is Kai's birthday. I know because earlier I asked why Trinity was nervous, and she said she was worried Kai wouldn't like the gifts she got him.

Of course I reassured her he'd love it. He was a huge fan MCR, and Linkin Park. Trinity got tickets to the Linkin Park concert for him and a jacket with MCR on it with a album, theres no way he could reject her gifts.

The concerts tommorow though, so we're throwing a party for him today.

I walked around the corner when suddenly I bumped into someone, as I frantically back away until I realized it was my crazy bestfriend.

"Chill my radical brother, It's just me. You know...The weirdly cute yet sassy, demon like latino that loves to make puns and each tacos?" She said as I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, I get the weird part but cute? Where did that come from I asked.

"It came from this compared to that." She said pointing to herself then comparing herself to the career teacher, I instantly grimaced.

"Ugh, your right. Anything and anyone cuter than that teacher." I shuddered turning back to my friend as her grin grew.

"What?" I asked as she grinned wider.

"You just said anything and anyone is cuter than her." Savage said as my eye's widened.

Dang it! I just gave her the oerfect opportunity!

"Does that include PJ!?" She giggled as I felt a blush creep up to my face.

"What are you two talking about?" I froze at the familiar voice.

"Nothing!" I tried to say calmly as PJ gave me a knowing look.

"Pfft! Yeah sure! It was nothing for now!" Savage laughed waving her hand as if dismissing an insult of some kind.

"Well alright, If you say so. How your book going?" PJ asked refering to Savages book she's been working on.

I believe it's called 'Deadly Scandals' but thats all I know, she refuses to let me know what its about until it done. (Bye forth wall!)

"It's going great! I can't believe it's reached 9 thousand something readers! Honestly, Im shook right now because of it!" Savage smiled brightly.(Thank you readers for enjoying my book because knowing you all enjoy it makes me happier and enjoy writing it more!)

"Although recently I read a chapter from Enderwolf_22 saying that there is a website called 4Chan thats hacking into wattpad accounts and posting inappropriate things. I hope all the other wattpaders know about this." She said. (This part I added in for a reason, please stay safe and watch out everyone!)

"But anyway, enough about me! Are you two going to Kai's 17th birthday party today?" She asked as I nodded.

"Kai? You mean Kai Rodster Blue? The blue wolf like teen with the small greek like accent?" PJ asked as I nodded.

"Yeah, you going?" Savage asked.

I forgot to mention since Savage has been attempting to make her 'ship sail' she became good friends with PJ and has even manage to befriend the rest of PJ's group. Probably because she's a sporty nerd, with swag that can literally get along with just about anyone.

"Well I don't have anything better to do. So I'll go after basket ball practise today." PJ said as Savage clapped cheerfully.

"Great, just come to my place after cause thats where the party is going to be." She stated as Dream walked over to us seeming worried.

"Hey Dream, are you okay?" I asked as the said skeleton looked to me.

"Yeah, I couldn't find Cross today." Dream said.

"Isn't he sitting up in the sakura tree in the court yard like always?" Savage asked as Dream shook his head.

"No, I already checked. I was with him during lunch when he looked off somewhere and said he had to go, I haven't seen him since and we have all our classes after lunch together." Dream stated sounding nervous.

"I felt like someone was missing last period." PJ said as the bell rang.

After reassuring Dream that he'll find Cross we left to our classes.

~Time walk since Time is tired of skipping scenes lol~

It was after school and of course I walked with Savage and Wild to our house, and god what happened to the living room. It didn't look bad at all but I was still shocked with how nice everything looked, sometimes I feel like she hired those couple from the TV off of the show called fixer uppers to fix the once plain place up.

Once everyone was here we played truth or dare, some of us sang songs as of using a karaoke machine, and of course plently of other fun things.

Kai was a complete shocked and bashful mess not expecting any of this.

It was a surprise party, Amber texted Kai saying she needed help fixing the cabinet in the kitchen. So he was expecting any of this.

We all had a great time but in the end, thanks to Wild and Savages random wrestling over a cookie...we really did end up needing help to fix a cabinet.

Though i guess you can call that the clasic skills of Wild and Savage.

Eventually though I did get a text from another unknown number again, but this time I knew who it was. Cross sent me a text saying to tell Dream he wouldn't be back for the next two days

"I wonder what that guy is up to..." I mumbled questioning why Cross would be gone for so long.

And with questioning thoughts, the part ended up with everyone else happy as I was the one stuck with thoughts that didn't even involve me.

Or thats what I thought.

AN; Hope ya enjoy the bonus chapter! Also I'll draw a picture of Kai soon and add it in another chapter! Until tommorow my fellow wattpaders!

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