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Ch.20 Freeze tag Part 2

"They have what now?" Savage asked as the door to my room opened.

"Hey!" A man yelled as we flinched.

"C'mon! Go!" Kai yelled pulling me to the window, closing it when I was out as quickly as he could.

"This way!" Savage said as we heard the people inside rushing to get out just as fast as we were trying to escape.

We carefully ran along the roof to the tree and Kai jumped to it, he grabbed the branch and pulled himself up.

"Jump for it." He said.

"Are you crazy!?" I asked.

"Well, that would be Wild's thing. Yet that's the reason me and her are friends in the first place, so grow some balls and jump Fresh!" Savage said happily jumping to the tree.

"Oh my God..." I breathed worriedly when I heard foot steps behind me.

"Fresh! Watch out!" Savage shouted taking Kai's scarf off forcefully.

I was fast enough to move to my left although I nearly lost my balance, making me nearly fall off the roof.

I looked to the man in front of me to see him pulling out the tranquilizer.

"N-No wait!" I panicked getting to my feet backing away as he held a knife in a hand and the tranquilizer in the other.

I stopped backing away once I realized I was at the edge, with no where else to go but the ground that was dangerously far down.

'He's going to shoot me with the tranquilizer, I'm dead!'

He held it up ready to shoot and just when he was about to, Savage stole the knife from his hand and in one swift movement sliced the mans back.

He was going to yell but she didn't even give him that much time as she stabbed his shoulder.

"What the bloody hell are you doing!?" Kai asked obviously frightened just as much as I was by her actions.

"Saving my friends ass, what does it look like? We're technically being attack by low lives, so talking ain't gonna do any good. This is what survival is about!" She yelled back pressure pointing the man to where he passed out.

"How did you even get back over here!?" I asked frantically as she pushed me to the edge where she jumped to the tree.

"The cute wolf boys scarf and the power lines, now jump!" She ordered dragging the unconscious man she just knocked out with her.

She ran to the side of the house and just when the other men and woman came around the corner, she pushed the unconscious mans body off the roof on top of them.

I closed my eyes and jumped to the tree, when I thought I was falling to my death I felt a hand wrap around my wrist.

Kai hoisted me up on the tree branch and leaned me against the tree, as Savage stuck something in her jacket pocket and joined up on the branch.

"Let's go. That heavy dude won't hold them for ever! So you two better be good at climbing tree's, follow me!" She said breathing slightly heavy as she made her way to another tree.

We followed behind her as we quickly made it to the side walk in between my house and the neighbor next to me. Savage then got down quickly from the tree and we followed her to the concrete path.

"Okay, since we're all going to diffrent places we have to spilt up. I'll make my way back to my house, Kai you definately can handle yourself. Fresh before I go home I'm taking you to your friends place just lead the way." She said.

"No, go home where it's safe I'll be fine." I refused to put her in that situation.

" FIne, but take this and make it to that Shifteh girl's place fast. I'll see you at school tommorow!" She said placing two things in my hand as she put her hood over her head, I put the objects she have me in my pocket.

we all froze when the men jumped over the fence.

"Run!" Kai said to me as we all ran our own separate ways.

"Spilt up!" One of the guys said which made me run faster.

I don't know the alleys or side walks yet, so this probably won't turn out good. I should have just went with Savage, but I would probably slow her down plus she's new here too.

I ran quicker as I heard footsteps echoing behind me, I threw my skate board down and jumped on it skate boarding really fast. I had to jump over lots of fences and garbage cans, It was endless.

I eventually made it to a parking lot. Dang it! I went too far! I must have tooken a wrong turn!

I thought as I went faster as I made it back to my neighbor hood, it wasn't that far from the store.

I still heard the footsteps behind me, and unfortunately I was running out of breathe, since I had to jump over lots of obsticles. I looked behind me just for a second when I bumped into someone, instantly falling off my skate board. My hat fell off my head as my shades following with it, as I made impact with the ground.

I fell back on my back and frantically tried to get up, when someone stepped on my chest keeping me in place.

"Your just not fast enough even with your skate board, hun." The woman said as she glared down at me, pressing her heels harder into my ribs as I yelped out in pain.

"Your must be Garte's little friend. We won't kill you, you'll just be a messenger..." She smiled evily as I was grabbed by the shouldersand pulled off the ground.

"T-That wasn't Garte... That was Kai. We have nothing to do with Garte..."I breathed heavily wincing as I still felt the pain her heels left.

A men held me up as she took out a hammer, I closed my eye's as she swung it at me hitting my head hard with the tool. I choked out a pained yell as tears fell from my eye's at the pain.

"You lost at your little game of tag boy. We've caught you so listen up." She said as the man held me tighter.

"Your gonna get Garte back here and make him give us what we want, or we'll kill you." She said as I winced opening my eye's to look up as her, feeling blood roll down my face.

I slipped my hands in my pockets while they didn't notice, the man holding me should have held my wrist behind my back. Idiots.

"N-No..." I mumbled not trying to seem weak, but physically I am at the moment which didn't help.

"What was that little shit?" She growled as I glared at her despite the pain. I don't know who Garte is obviously but I couldn't care less.

If she thinks she can force me to lead her to Kai than she has another thing coming, I just can't believe I'm actually about to do this.

"I said no!!" I said pulling out the knife and tranquilizer gun quickly stabing the man behind me and shooting her with the gun.

"Ahh!" She screamed as the man let go of me. I hit the knife to make it go deeper into the mans wound to distract him, and then punched the woman in the face picking up my skate board and hat.

I started running off to the other side of the road going into the back alley ways, I have to find my way to Shifteh's house but at least they will have to look around here in order to find me.

Eventually I did find her house and I snuck in through the window.

I'll explain when I see her.

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