undertale sin art by Roseanna2234
undertale sin artby Bella
the tile says it all love and all art go to the rightful owner
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In Love With The Enemy (Undertale AU Multiship Story) by EmoTrash360
In Love With The Enemy ( Brooke Is Trash
After Error falls in love with his sworn enemy, Ink, his teammates also start to fall for people... SHIPS: Crossmare Kreme Errink HorrorLust Kustard Dustberry Afterdeath...
  • afterdeath
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Nerd and Jock X Female Reader (On Hold)  by LovingBlueberry7
Nerd and Jock X Female Reader ( Red Ruby
Your name is (Y/N) (L/N) and you've been homeschooled by your overprotective parents and twin brothers because... Reasons. Now you made your parents to promise you you'l...
  • horror
  • sans
  • alittlebitofincest
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Ask the Sanses!  by Char_UT_3
Ask the Sanses! by Fi yw, Chara
*Sanses ready for asks* Blue: OOOH! Floating words! Fell: the hell's going on here? Error: wHy aM I hErE? Ink: Hi Glitchy! *hugs* Error: *glitched screaming* Fresh: YO Y...
  • afterdeath
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I'm Not Sharing! (Fresh!Sans X Reader X Unfresh!Sans) by QueenOfNekoWriters
I'm Not Sharing! (Fresh!Sans X DaydreamingNeko
Skeleton brothers Fresh and Unfresh have never gotten along. Especially when it comes to sharing things. So, when both of them meet (y/n) and fall for her... Things get...
  • readerxcharacter
  • highschoolundertaleau
  • freshsans
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Jealous Lines  III NaJ! Paperjam X reader III by Kirbycake321
Jealous Lines III NaJ! Paperjam Kirbycake321
(Y/N) (L/N) was always one to take up a challenge. Her confidence and friendly demeanor landed her in the popular side. Not to mention she hangs with jocks and nerds. An...
  • fresh
  • blogthegreatrouge
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Her Unpredictable Hubby [WEEKLY] by lyricbell98
Her Unpredictable Hubby [WEEKLY]by >Ríåñå<
GENRE - DARK | ROMANCE | THRILL FRESH UPDATES - SATURDAY | SUNDAY DISCLAIMER - All the characters used in this book are imaginary and purely fictional and neither connec...
  • psycho-thriller
  • gauri
  • mystery
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Ask the Full HAUS!!! [House of AU Sanses] by AltheaMarieCatuncan
Ask the Full HAUS!!! [House of ●°•○Althea○•°●
[COMPLETED] Disclaimer: I do not own "Full HAUS". The original idea was by PerfectShadow06 on Tumblr. I even asked for permission about this and she accepted...
  • underlust
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Unlikely (Nerd! Fresh x Jock! Paperjam) by EeeWheezy
Unlikely (Nerd! Fresh x Jock! LI GRACE!
Freshpaper - Nerd and Jock AU (Nerd Fresh x Jock Paperjam)
  • paperjam
  • nerdxjock
  • wattys2018
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Ask The Full HAUS!!! {2} [House of AU Sanses] by AltheaMarieCatuncan
Ask The Full HAUS!!! {2} [House ●°•○Althea○•°●
  • undertaleaus
  • epictale
  • reapertale
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Twisted by harrish6
Twistedby harrish6
(I do not own Undertale or the picture, they belong to their respectful owners.) In this AU, Error never left the Anti-Void. Error never remembered his past or anything...
  • âu
  • errorfresh
  • error
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undertale smut by BeautyInInsanity2233
undertale smutby Beauty•In•Insanity
here for all that loves undertale-jacqui (this was a dare...) (I hate myself for making and continuing this story)
  • lazy
  • sexscenes
  • fresh
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You're Ours! (Sans AUs X Reader) by HayumiJuno
You're Ours! (Sans AUs X Reader)by Hayumi Juno
Sans X reader! Of course every sans is there but you need to wait for them! Enjoy!
  • underswap
  • fanfiction
  • wattys2016
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A Picture Can Tell 1000 Words - A Nerd and Jock AU Story by Kirbycake321
A Picture Can Tell 1000 Words - Kirbycake321
(Y/N) (L/N) the happiest girl in school. But what really hides behind her smile? A secret her friends will uncover after her "death".
  • error
  • paperjam
  • naj
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Fresh Sans X Reader (Being Rewritten) by ghostlyEclipse
Fresh Sans X Reader (Being ghostlyEclipse
You were created a long time ago, by Ink, to be his successor after his sudden disappearance. You were left within a distant void that is hardly in contact with other wo...
  • freshsans
  • underfresh
  • sans
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Cómics Yaoi Undertale 4 by SoyOtaku1
Cómics Yaoi Undertale 4by SoyOtaku1
Aún más cómics -v-
  • error
  • blueberry
  • fresh
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This is my life now by PandoraShadow
This is my life nowby MWEH!
So I have a trauma with people correcting me so please don't do it.... And I'm trying my best here hope you like it This would be a Nerd & Jock fanfic (I hope) PaperJam...
  • undertale
  • errortale
  • pj
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(Y/N) is Online by Kirbycake321
(Y/N) is Onlineby Kirbycake321
Paperjam, Chara, Undyne, Fresh, Nightmare, Error, and Cil get a notification on their phones. (Y/N): You remember me, don't you?
  • sequel
  • horror
  • nightmare
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The Vampire and The Artist- How It All Began: Book 1 (Vampverse) by FlameonLeaf
The Vampire and The Artist- How TheFlamingFox
Encre was a French artist who lived in a small town in France. Encre was quite popular there due to her beautiful arts and painting skills. However is she bullied a lot...
  • jasper
  • fallacyxencre
  • fantasy
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(freshpaper)problems  [Done] by tomato_of_love
(freshpaper)problems [Done]by tomato_of_love
A fluff love between fresh and paperjam This is my first fan fic I've ever written Some background knowledge may be required and drama will happen be warned
  • pj
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  • jammy
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