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Fresh New Antivirus by Hidden-Ajinn
Fresh New Antivirusby Hidden Ajinn
Fresh is Admin of the Multiverse!? This can't end well ... or can it? This is an alternate universe - er, multiverse - where Fresh is responsible for the monitoring and...
Neon Tears  by KattraKnit
Neon Tears by KattraKnit
The story of the unstable verse and the new destroyer post exudes. Fresh 404 is learning what it takes to do Error's job. The originals council is learning to face their...
Becoming fresh from two multiverses!? by KarmaAkabane425
Becoming fresh from two Karma Akabane
What if...someone became fresh from two different but still the same multiverse? What if..this fresh wasn't a parasite? (Things are going to be different which may incu...
Reincarnated as Fresh in Momma Cq by SkeleSheena
Reincarnated as Fresh in Momma Cqby SkeleSheena
What if someone died and reincarnated as Fresh in momma cq.... Can they stay in the storyline or change for a bit? Not reincarnated as a baby Fresh but being reincarnat...
Transported as nightmare from momma Cq!?  by KarmaAkabane425
Transported as nightmare from Karma Akabane
What if someone from our world was transported into momma Cq as nightmare? What if a bit later after being nightmare for a while, he finds the momma Cq version of nughtm...
Reborn as Fresh by HyperFixtionSucks202
Reborn as Freshby HyperFixtionSucks202
OC is reborn as Fresh, however their not a parasite like everyone seems to think they are. Apparently it was a rumor started by their Au because of their soul being in t...
Reincarnated as Ink... ADOPTING LITTLE DESTROYER! | FGOD by SkeleSheena
Reincarnated as Ink... ADOPTING SkeleSheena
I died in a ridiculous way... I slipped and I fell on the floor. Funk! I died in a first day of my job! Now I am Error a child?!..... That's it! I'm adop...
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Error sans supremacy and comics  by sushigirlarts
Error sans supremacy and comics by sushigirlarts
Error sans supremacy and comics you write it I draw it will give @s to the writers of the original story's and all credit of the story to them art by me
Neon Colors In A Gray World (Fresh x Reader) by SmolChild_chr
Neon Colors In A Gray World ( ♡Smol_Child ♡
You're not doing well in anything and decided to go take a walk outside. Suddenly you get in an accident and all you remember is blank almost as if you are in a void, ar...
Freshgrease (fresh X greaser) by fuzzysnowyleopard
Freshgrease (fresh X greaser)by fuzzysnowyleopard
I've got a problem with shipping this but eh enjoy
The Christmas party (I have a soul too) by MariaLNBorges
The Christmas party (I have a MariaLNB
part of the: ACParty AU (on Tumblr) The story follows error through his very beginnings as he discovers who he was, is, and is meant to be while a mysterious girl's voic...
Mr.  Erratum by SleepyPersonHere
Mr. Erratumby SleepyPersonHere
Error can take it no longer. After centuries of Pain and suffering, Error no longer cares what happens to the people who caused him pain, and now wants to leave the plac...
Au Sans X Reader lemons by 23whitecrystal
Au Sans X Reader lemonsby ✨ M e L K ✨
I don't know what to say.This is how to deal with lemons with different Au sans apparently.
"why did you go without asking for my permission huh?" "Sigh** Jung--" "I'm coming,you won't go anywhere without me" . . . . . . . Werewolf...
Imagines Sebastian Stan and his characters by ineedagunlicense
Imagines Sebastian Stan and his May 👵🏼
REQUESTS ARE OPENNNNNNN One shots with: Sebastian Stan, Bucky Barnes, Steve (fresh), nick (no idea what's his last name) I post when I can <3 oh and if your name is...
Matt sturniolo imagines  by Xx_TeenWolf_xX
Matt sturniolo imagines by Xx_TeenWolf_xX
Just Matt. Cause Matt is amazing
~ The Glitch by my Side ~ by Undertale_tRaSh_4U
~ The Glitch by my Side ~by tRaSh
When Fresh goes AU to AU and finds this one AU that is empty, with only one person living in it all, they become familiar with each other, as a bond grows Hahaha =w= *Ha...
Me, Mom with(out) Daddy (COMPLETE- ENGLISH) by StefiIsabela
Me, Mom with(out) Daddy ( Stefi Isabela
"Mommy..." I see Anna came closer, I wipe my tears and smile to her. "Are you just wake up?" "I'm sorry... I'm sorry mommy..." She hug me t...
Unexpected Thug Love by ReenahK
Unexpected Thug Loveby ReenahK
*Completed* Meet Aeryelle Fulton. She and her crew are the baddest at Dayhill High. They got niggas falling for them left and right but Aery got her eye on the most want...
Bad Sanses One Shots by unlucky-neko
Bad Sanses One Shotsby a unlucky skeleneko girl
basically a book on bad sanses cover by me