Nerd and Jock X Female Reader by LovingBlueberry7
Nerd and Jock X Female Readerby Ruby Blue
Your name is (Y/N) (L/N) and you've been homeschooled by your overprotective parents and twin brothers because... Reasons. Now you made your parents to promise you you'l...
  • chara
  • naj
  • palette
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I'm Not Sharing! (Fresh!Sans X Reader X Unfresh!Sans) by QueenOfNekoWriters
I'm Not Sharing! (Fresh!Sans X DaydreamingNeko
Skeleton brothers Fresh and Unfresh have never gotten along. Especially when it comes to sharing things. So, when both of them meet (y/n) and fall for her... Things get...
  • sans
  • unfreshsans
  • romance
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Ask/Dare Undertale AU's 3 by FriendlyCurse223
Ask/Dare Undertale AU's 3by FriendlyCurse223
We're back with the third book! Thank you all so much for the support! As the title says, you can ask and dare the Sanses and me, and the other various characters we fou...
  • fell
  • horror
  • humansouls
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nobody needs to know...naj x reader by Brownybytz
nobody needs to know...naj x readerby Brownybytz
you are y/n l/n your are the best. at least that's what your sister undyne says... ever since your mothers passed away you have been depressed but you always hide it. l...
  • fresh
  • undyne
  • art
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The Alpha's Runaway by _meep_mee
The Alpha's Runawayby _meep_mee
What happens when newly 18 year old Ace finally gets the courage to Leave and move in with a friend and start over? What happened when she tries to take a train to Penn...
  • selfharm
  • friend
  • depression
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A Picture Can Tell 1000 Words - A Nerd and Jock AU Story by Kirbycake321
A Picture Can Tell 1000 Words - Kirbycake321
(Y/N) (L/N) the happiest girl in school. But what really hides behind her smile? A secret her friends will uncover after her "death".
  • error
  • cil
  • naj
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Twisted by harrish6
Twistedby harrish6
(I do not own Undertale or the picture, they belong to their respectful owners.) In this AU, Error never left the Anti-Void. Error never remembered his past or anything...
  • errorfresh
  • âu
  • fresh
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Ask the Sanses!  by Llew_UT_3
Ask the Sanses! by byw a chariad❤️
*Sanses ready for asks* Blue: OOOH! Floating words! Fell: the hell's going on here? Error: wHy aM I hErE? Ink: Hi Glitchy! *hugs* Error: *glitched screaming* Fresh: YO Y...
  • afterdeath
  • inkxerror
  • fresh
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Little Jammy Hood(Skele!Wolf!Reader x Skele!Wolf!Fresh) by RainbowStudioss
Little Jammy Hood(Skele!Wolf! Rainbow Dragon
Your Y/N a female Skele-Wolf, there aren't many female Skele-Wolfs left, so you had to be careful in mating seasons. Your best friend was little Jammy, you cared for him...
  • skele
  • paperjam
  • ljh
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Fresh x Paperjam NaJ (Kill Me, #Wattys2018) by Sharafloofy
Fresh x Paperjam NaJ (Kill Me, Shara
Fresh was a new student who just transferred to UnderHigh. He had a dull life filled with pain... until he met Paperjam. Crap this sucks AF...
  • gay
  • freshxpj
  • ships
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Heaven and hell for a Nerd (Jock!Pj x Nerd!Fresh) by ThabThab
Heaven and hell for a Nerd (Jock! ThabThab
It's a love story about a Nerd and a jock. Wow how "unexpected" *cough cough* It will be a really really long book. Sometimes I don't really have time. Then I...
  • freshy
  • freshxpj
  • highschool
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New Beginnings | Solby by fam5isthebestfam
New Beginnings | Solbyby Fam 5 🖤
{Sequel to "Dear Sam"} "Forever, our love will stand.." ".. And forever.. Will you be mine."
  • beginnings
  • dearsam
  • memories
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Ma' Lady (jasperXreader)(COMPLETED) by EagleTea
Ma' Lady (jasperXreader)(COMPLETED)by Ace
jasperXreader story some names for ya im to lazy to translations for the french so just use your imagination~ jasper - paperjam encre - ink fallacy - error suave - fres...
  • rufous
  • paperjam
  • fallacy
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Peace Vs Violence (Naj Fresh X PJ) by GreenFlames09
Peace Vs Violence (Naj Fresh X PJ)by P.T.T.
Fresh.. a kid that loves school but has gone through a lot and that makes him have less confidence and ends up beeing shy and doesnt open up beacuse of what his been thr...
  • freshxpj
  • naj
  • freshpaper
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Memes #2 by 420WeedLover420
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Memes #2by Crappy Corn
I'm back with more memes.
  • spicy
  • meme
  • dank
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A blend of disasters  (Naj Paperfresh) (Completed) by BrightGurl22
A blend of disasters (Naj Crystal L.
Pj is a jock. He does things that he never proud of and never could find hope or the light.... at least yet. That all changes one day when 1 particular nerd named Fresh...
  • paperfresh
  • theblogroudge
  • fresh
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NaJ PJ X Fresh | HeartBroken by LoveKittyChan
NaJ PJ X Fresh | HeartBrokenby LoveKittyChan
After Fresh was bullied for years from his greatest enemy, he finally finds a way to get payback. "Shatter his heart like he shattered me."
  • errortale
  • wattpride
  • undertaleau
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PaperJam X Fresh sans: FreshPaper: StarCross by WilderBear
PaperJam X Fresh sans: Otus
PJ is happy in his life with his family the destroyer the creator and Chroma (don't know WHAT she is yet) but then has to go to highschool he's gay so when fresh pops up...
  • paperjam
  • freshpaper
  • hate
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Sanscest One Shots! by Abomination-2
Sanscest One Shots!by QwQ
Exactly what the title says I won't do Cream or Cherryberry, because I don't like those ships :/ Also mature cuz I love strong language and violence huehuehue {Started:...
  • âu
  • sans
  • undertalesans
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bad at love~~ fell poth (Unfinished) by Anonfandom101
bad at love~~ fell poth ( Anonfandom101
when pallette meets Goth he has no idea what love is, he absolutely despises goth because of his feelings towards him, can he put it aside to save his love?
  • dust
  • college
  • fellpoth
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