AN; Hurricane Irma

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I have one message to share with floridans...


I was legitly at the store the othsr day and two men in front of me decide to fight over Water!


Aqua(from KH lol)

The fountain of youth

Gods tears!

Doesn't matter theres no need to fight over water! All I wanted was to buy a pecan pie and these guys decide to throw a water jug at my face!
It hurt!

But any way wish me luck with this hurricane because I'm literally in a area that will be hit. Hard.

So pray to Tacos that I don't die be cause of fricking irma breaking into my living room shouting.
*no auto correct to not change god(s) to Taco*

And for any other people out there that have a possible chance at being it i will pray to Tacos for you so your safe.*yes love tacos to the point i praise them*

Finally I have not forgotten to reveal who hurt Goth, In fact Im already 7 chapters ahead in this book so its in one of them. So be prepared for the big reveal!

Good luck!

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