Victim by -lonelynights
Victimby ༅ ♡ ༅
Some things are better left in the past - in which a sociopath disguised as a bully gets exactly what he wants at the expense of his victim.
  • hurt
  • 2000s
  • completed
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Eyes Like The Ocean | A Culled Crown Novella by BriannaJoyCrump
Eyes Like The Ocean | A Culled Brianna Joy Crump
Ten girls. Nine bodies. One crown. If given the chance to be queen, would you take it? Viera Kevlar is goddess-touched, one of ten female heirs to the Eirdian throne. S...
  • guard
  • crown
  • prequel
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Underestimate Me ⇝ anakin skywalker x reader {book 1} by cuddlyhemmings
Underestimate Me ⇝ anakin jen
I dare you. highest rank(s): #1 anakinskywalker #1 in fanfiction (it was like for an hour, but it still counts ok fight me) #5 Star Wars {disclaimer: some ideas and...
  • prequels
  • wattys2017
  • starwars
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Before We Were Us ○ Jasper Hale 2 by TheInsaneCanadian
Before We Were Us ○ Jasper Hale 2by Esther Silver
Never again. I won't ever fall in love. It's easier to just be on my own. But that's not how love works, is it? Book 2 Translated to Portuguese by the lovely @eriikaa...
  • cullen
  • twilight
  • jaspercullen
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Les Misérables | Regulus A. Black #Wattys2018 by kmbell92
Les Misérables | Regulus A. NIXIE DOVER
Since the time she was a young girl, Éponine Rosier has learned the importance of marrying a respectable pureblood and not trusted to make the decision on her own, she f...
  • maraudersera
  • slytherin
  • regulusblack
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The Girl Who Loved by AugustLikeTheMonth
The Girl Who Lovedby August
Tom Marvolo Riddle. The most infamous dark wizard of all time. His legendary rise to power as the Dark Lord will forever strike fear in the hearts of those who hear the...
  • tom
  • mystery
  • harrypotter
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Broken, Beautiful. ➸ Tom Riddle ✓ by becolourful
Broken, Beautiful. ➸ Tom Riddle ✓by EarthToJayne
Ava Rochford was hiding something. Tom was sure of it. He was going to break her and when he did, it would be beautiful. Set Hogwarts 1942-43 (5th year) During the fir...
  • chamberofsecrets
  • wandless
  • fanfiction
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Fire Emblem: Before Awakening by AnnaBanana813
Fire Emblem: Before Awakeningby AnnaBanana813
Have you ever wondered what the events before Awakening were? Wondered what Chrom and Anna's lives were like before they met? Find out in this FEA prequel, Fire Emblem:...
  • angst
  • fea
  • chrom
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Star Wars The Roleplay by Lexa_Skywalker
Star Wars The Roleplayby Lexa_Skywalker
Come join the adventure where you can roleplay as your favourite characters from the Star Wars franchise or make your own unique character! Feel free to explore the wor...
  • theempirestrikesback
  • rp
  • lukeskywalker
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The Prodigal Wolf (completed) by shaibee
The Prodigal Wolf (completed)by Shy.B
•PREQUEL to the BOOK OF AURE of the Faerie Tale Series• Natalia is the odd one out. She has no hope of ever really finding her place within the pack, how could she when...
  • prequel
  • wolves
  • defect
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Billionaire Obsession by Nia_bookworm
Billionaire Obsessionby Nia
{Entered Hot list! #64- Romance} Nicholas Martinez Knight: The most famous billionaire. Not just any billionaire. The most eligible hottest bachelor billionaire. He's...
  • love
  • billionaire
  • nia
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Saintwood: The Original Bad Boys  by angel48183
Saintwood: The Original Bad Boys by angel48183
Ryan Jones keeps to himself at school not having the patience for high school drama. He just wants to get in and get out. Then comes along Dylan Frazier, who uses his s...
  • prequel
  • beginning
  • humor
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Street Fighter and Quiet (BWWM) by KittenWoman99
Street Fighter and Quiet (BWWM)by KittenWoman99
"Why are you always hiding behind your hoodie?" He pulls my hood off and laugh, "Stop please. It has nothing to do with you so please stop." He laugh...
  • hate
  • interracial
  • regret
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Birth of Hell || Riddle *On Hold* by merakifreedom
Birth of Hell || Riddle *On Hold*by Just a Potato ツ
"She was disgustingly humble; an oddity in Tom's arrogant mind." I am terrible at making summaries so I say just give it a read? Who doesn't like surprises?! ...
  • fantasticbeastsandwheretofindthem
  • harrypotterfanfic
  • wattys2017
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Living a Lie {Anakin Skywalker x Reader} by jedi_skywalker
Living a Lie {Anakin Skywalker x brooke
Do it. {Not all ideas/characters are mine and storyline may not go along with movies/shows} All rights go to George Lucas
  • xreader
  • prequel
  • sith
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Privacy of 210 [Prequel to Dorm Room 210] by Broken_Dream07
Privacy of 210 [Prequel to Dorm Nicole Kaps
'She stood in the midst of the dorm, wearing those loose blue jeans that emphasised her tone legs, and a white and green blouse that held her small frame; the top two un...
  • room
  • privacy
  • 210
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Intertwined by twelvewonderingstars
Intertwinedby aurora
= a wattpad featured story = One thing in which Devora Evans hated was the constant bullying she received due to her unusual name. On an unfortunate night after an...
  • spies
  • guns
  • projectbadassgirls
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Unhappily Ever After by Aellix
Unhappily Ever Afterby Aellix
Rhodric Llewellyn is the grandson of a rogue folk hero. When he arrives in Snowdonia, he becomes a rallying point for the outcasts of the shifter world. They're all thie...
  • sorrynotsorry
  • rogue
  • wattys2018
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Sincerely, the Rich Boy by booksiebooksie
Sincerely, the Rich Boyby Nepsa Rae
*Prequel to Sincerely, the Quarterback* Spencer Mellor, typical high school boy with not much to worry about outside of family drama like any other teen. Except his dra...
  • hurt
  • prequel
  • boy
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Loyal | Tom Riddle by moonlitmarauders
Loyal | Tom Riddleby odessa
Arabella Travers and Tom Riddle have never been remotely civil with one another, even though her twin brother Nikolai is one of his so-called friends. As their fifth ye...
  • potter
  • witches
  • slytherin
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