Legends Of The Myths by XMytho-LogicX
Legends Of The Mythsby Mytho-Logic
A compilation of Legends surrounding a mysterious figure who has shown up in multiple religions and cultures of the Monsters of the world as told by a Werewolf to their...
  • prequel
  • mystery
  • legends
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Empress of Despair by starli9htr0se
Empress of Despairby starli9htr0se
The Eastern Continent has finally rid themselves of rival continental power Esteria, but their supposed saviors become tyrants, and soon the people's hopes lay in Yamina...
  • reign
  • empress
  • empire
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Lily, Severus et les Maraudeurs (Partie I : De rouge et de Vert) by TostakyPandaGamer
Lily, Severus et les Maraudeurs ( Tostaky Panda Gamer
Bienvenue J'ai écris cette Saga un peu à la manière d'un feuilleton de journal, perdu dans un Rider Digest, où tel le scénario d'une série Netflix, les chapitres sortir...
  • poudlard
  • neflix
  • hogwarts
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Star Wars Episode I: Shroud of the Darkside by Camalot15
Star Wars Episode I: Shroud of Jack. T. Rick.
For almost a thousand years the galaxy has been free of mass galactic conflict and under the protection of the Jedi, the Galactic Republic has enjoyed peace and prosperi...
  • obiwankenobi
  • lightsaber
  • prequel
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Mutant gangland (Sequel to A turtle's self  journey and prequel to book 3) by Gotham007
Mutant gangland (Sequel to A Gotham007
Almost a year after the events of a turtle's self journey, Mikey is back home in New york with his brothers and he couldn't be happier and more confident in himself. But...
  • ocs
  • prequel
  • leatherhead
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Chaos is born by KayMay107
Chaos is bornby KayMay107
The world has fallen into disarray. Zombies haunt the earth. A small band of humans is searching for a way to reach the safe haven in Africa. Will they make it? Or will...
  • endoftheworld
  • ocher
  • escape
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The Pack. How they came to be. by Diddlydeer
The Pack. How they came to Diddly
This is a prequel to 'The Succubus' Prince' about how Blevine and Aphelia creates their very own safe-haven for the abused in the form of a bar and how their very own pa...
  • backstory
  • pack
  • prequel
Bunny Bird Love (A Canon Sammy and Alice Love Story) by AHSStoryOfficial
Bunny Bird Love (A Canon Sammy The Official AHSS Account!
A prequel to Another High School Story, on how Sammy and Alice got together, hope you enjoy~
  • another
  • love
  • aliceyaki
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More Power! Male (Vergil) Reader X Weiss Schnee -  Part 0 by Jack-DD
More Power! Male (Vergil) Reader Jack-DD
Love will make you irrational do things. The need for more power make you suffer. - prequel to: Male (Dante) Reader X Yang Xiao Long
  • romance
  • action
  • weiss
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F A D I N G || pjm. by tae-and-kookies-
F A D I N G || ⎈⏀⎈
"When there's nothing left for you to do... it's okay to give up." - the heart-wrenching prequel to 5 || pjm. - when someone falls this far is it even possibl...
  • btsfanfic
  • sadstory
  • bangtan
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Local Heroes and Their Abnormalities - The Prequel by TrashCanPower
Local Heroes and Their TrashCanPower
In the city called Town-Town live two teenagers called Sammy and Havilah. Despite many differences, they soon become one of the most important people in each other's liv...
  • love
  • prequel
  • fiction
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Dauntless Academy by louissitaaa
Dauntless Academyby louisse
Huwag matakot maging responsable. Maniwala ka sa trust. Most trusted by RH.
  • magandaangauthor
  • love
  • magic
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J.U.S.T.I.N'S Rhapsody Suite I  (the prequel)  by JayDioncelEvers
J.U.S.T.I.N'S Rhapsody Suite I ( Jarrick DeWaine Exum
This is the prequel to The Zion Letters Suites II-VII. I suggest reading it first. This is the final collection of rebel Android Justin McNair, Android 082991 and how hi...
  • jayevers
  • futuristic
  • prequel
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The Marauder Era by _faizaali_
The Marauder Eraby _fantasyfabricator_
i'm bored so i'm gonna write this. these are all one shots. i sound so bloody unenthusiastic. i swear i'm happy to write this book. yay.
  • remus
  • oneshots
  • hogwartsschoolofwitchcraftandwizardry
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Me,You, Her by NoJam_Unnie
Me,You, Herby Straight like Jisoo
"Promises can sometimes become true." In which a young girl meets an angel and wrote letters for her everyday. *** warning: probably has no dialogues.. and thi...
  • letters
  • hanahaki
  • 2jung
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X-REV Origin by EternalStories
X-REV Originby Jen H.
Story of how Kurt managed in the 'Real World' where X-Men are fictional heroes and no mutants really exist, and about how his life entwined with life of a young girl wh...
  • ốc
  • evolution
  • romance
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Everything I Know About Breaking Hearts prequel by user44244363
Everything I Know About Breaking
Sleeping with your best friend's girl was never meant to be this hard.
  • love
  • cheating
  • shortstory
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The Hidden Cult by isaak_zack
The Hidden Cultby isaak_zack
Set during "The Killer Within". Weeks before The Mourning, Grace Miller is captured by a hillbilly family and tries to fight her way out. Contains 4 episodes!
  • horror
  • thriller
  • standaloneseries
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HINE-KōRAKO by must-ireally
HINE-KōRAKOby ya mate, k a t e
monsters can't fall in love, when they do it always ends in pain; it always ends in tragedy. --- prequel to TANIWHA.
  • kaiwhare
  • taonga
  • maori
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Before by FandomRegina
Beforeby Angel
Prequel to: A Jedi in Hiding Ezra Bridger. 7 years old. Soon to be Sith... Right? Ezra Bridger, a 7-year-old boy, just had his parents taken away from him and he is take...
  • prequel
  • star
  • imperialacademy
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