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Breaking The Jock by winterhx
Breaking The Jockby winter
Meet Jordan, a shy eighteen-year-old boy, who had just started senior year in the sunny state of California. He's a quirky, nerdy boy who happens to like other boys and...
Honeydew (ereri) by aprilaesthetic
Honeydew (ereri)by buni
For his senior year, Levi decides to transfer to a private school (all boys school). However, when he arrives, he realizes that everyone lacks etiquette/manners and is o...
Am I really straight? by dragonisonhorror
Am I really straight?by Dragonisonhorror
Jock x Nerd. Ryan is the school quarterback and is head over heels for Nathaniel Wilde the nerd. However there is a problem, Nate is straight or so he thought. When Na...
Pancakes | (bxb) ✔️ by Fr0gsSayHi
Pancakes | (bxb) ✔️by Fr0gsSayHi
{COMPLETED} Axel Miller is the smartest guy in school. Or well, he used to be. Ever since his parents left, everything's been going downhill. Jayden Williams, the school...
Attack of the Nerds by lycantwinkie
Attack of the Nerdsby lycantwinkie
cw: noncon/dubcon, drug/alcohol use, gangbang, double penetration, degradation Reader is a nerd who gets some revenge on a jock. Quick one shot, m/m gangbang action wit...
Helpless by vampressbdb
Helplessby vampressbdb
Stiles is the nerd of the school. Derek is the jock. When it comes to Derek, Stiles is helpless. Helplessly in love to be more accurate.
My Nerd   BxB by MatthewMacArthur
My Nerd BxBby Matthew MacArthur
Conner is your cliche highschool jock. He's good looking , is captain of the lacrosse team , and can have any girl he wants . But what they don't know is that he has one...
The Dutch Boy [BxB] by Pixie022
The Dutch Boy [BxB]by Pix 🌈
Luca Bakker, a football jock with haunted eyes and a pretty Dutch accent. And Theodore Hart, a shy kid from school who works at the local pet shop. The idea that the two...
Shyness by rDe826
Shynessby ariyuhnagrande
The shy, gay, quiet kid falls in love with the hot popular jock. No one would ever think they could be together...
My Gay Love Story (Hot Jock x Nerd) by SamanthaStephenson8
My Gay Love Story (Hot Jock x Nerd)by Samantha Stephenson
Tim had never been in love, until Mike. Mike was the first guy he had a crush on since coming out at school, and he was hot. Little did Tim know that Mike felt the same...
(finished) Part 1: Highschool comes with many complications, confusion, and conflicts. It's hard to come out to people, especially if it's one of the first times. Noah t...
Sign {A Pernico Story AU} ✔ by Official__Todoroki
Sign {A Pernico Story AU} ✔by 🤍Shoto Todo(roni)❤
Stop reading this oml 💀 Percy Jackson is the popular jock that everyone loves He's got everything. Perfect life. Perfect girls wanting to be his perfect girlfriend. Pe...
I Spy (Truth or Dare Sequel) by ZavierZ
I Spy (Truth or Dare Sequel)by ZavierZ
In the six years since their night of Truth or Dare, Jacob and Spizzo have been better than ever. But for best friends who tell each other everything, there are some thi...
Knock On Wood (BoyxBoy) by sanguinarioangel
Knock On Wood (BoyxBoy)by Ajax
Kevin Barr has a lot on his hands. Not only is he the captain of the football team, most popular jock in school, son of an MIA father and struggling to keep his grades...
Jumping Hurdles ; Bakudeku by iheart-shigaraki
Jumping Hurdles ; Bakudekuby 𝐌
When track star Katsuki Bakugo gets dared to take Izuku out on a few dates, things go much farther than he intended. In which, gardener Izuku provides Katsuki with flowe...
The Swap by Sonu2314
The Swapby Sonu2314
Annabeth Chase is an intelligent 17-year-old with a special secret. She has an incredible voice, but very few people have heard it. Annabeth would love to share her tale...
Grey by sodomitelover
Greyby sodomitelover
In which two boys paired up for an English project unknowingly write love stories about each other and share ideas.
My Nerd is a Lil' Bunny by CatherineBlackette
My Nerd is a Lil' Bunnyby Catherine Blackette
Jamie is not your average high school nerd, he's the cutest nerd there is. He is also someone who has always loved his childhood best friend Dennis, but Dennis is oblivi...
ᎦᎳᏋᏋᎱ ᎦᎪᏁᎥᎢy (Bxb/boyxboy) by -lesbainmessiah-
ᎦᎳᏋᏋᎱ ᎦᎪᏁᎥᎢy (Bxb/boyxboy)by Soft girl🕊
Callum Jennings isn't popular, nor unpopular. He was known for his feminine form and clothing choices. Of course, he got bullied every once and a while by the popular...
Teenage CEO by Tycoonlover1359
Teenage CEOby tycoonlover1359
The Branton Corporation. A worldwide conglomerate; everything from research to manufacturing, military contracting to private security, to even top-secret clandestine op...