Greeting my beautiful/Handsome readers!  Originally this chapter was suppose to be published in October but as you all know i was busy. Also the pic about is a digital gif art I made a weeks ago, and if you know my instagram (which is literally the same name) you probably would have already seen it lol.

So this isn't anything bad in fact I think you all will probably(hopefully) like this chapter I know I've been gone for awhile and I know I've explained and apologized multiple times, and i have recieved many commemts saying they/you understand and I appreciate those comments so much. It really reliefs me to know that you all are so considerate and nice that it really takes off a lot of weight from my shoulders and I wanted to say thank you.

Lol now for what this chapter is really for, So as you all know I'm working on a Sequel for this story and it will be awhile before I'm able to publish it. However I'm too busy with school to create any new OC's and without OC's besides the main characters kids (once again Starlight doesn't belong to me, only the other two do) I can't create a social environment for the kids to influence the story and the kids will be a key plot to the sequel of this story. Which is why I created this chapter to ask if you would like to take part in the sequel.

It can be you, your persona, or your OC. Any will do, they can be a teacher, student, parent, heck they can be a tap dancer if you want lol. You will be credited I promise, and I haven't broken a single promise yet in my life (I never make a promise i can't keep, i learned that from watching my older sibling)

As long as you tell;

💖Their name(full name if you want)
💖Their appearance(plz send a image to me through messages if you have a pic of them)
💖Their age
💖Extra important fact about them for ex: backstory or allergies (optional)
💖Their role (list of what I need below)

I will choose;

💖5 Students (and their siblings if they have any)
💖5 or more parents
💖7 teachers
💖2 Villians
💖4 supporting character's (not related to school
💖& 2 new friends for FreshPaper

Once again you can put yourself/persona/or OC as long as they fall into the categories above and have the info about them above. Without your help i can't get started planing the story and obviously if i can't plan the story i can't write it .

So thats all for this update chapter and once I have enough of your/others OC's I will update a chapter on which ones I've chosen. So till next time!😁👋

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