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Ch.12 Blue tints and books

"We will begin working on poetry next week, seeing as some of you need to be taught the basics of it...which I don't understand why that is..." Mr.Nightmare mumbled the last part under his breathe staring specifically at Ivory.

"Sorry, Teach." She said in a amused voice holding back a small laugh.

" Ivory Audra, I suggest extra practise for you." Mr.Nightmare sighed as she smirk but nodded regardless.

"We will head to the library and each of you will choose one book, I expect you to read the whole book. If you fail to do so then that's fine, you all will right a poem that describes the book and how you relate. With that being said, let's go." He said motioning everyone to the door.

We all entered. I found no intrest in any of the books I seen so far, until I saw one. It was called Hua Mulan (the original story of the Disney movie mulan)

I was surprised. I don't watch disney but I always assumed that disney maded its own story lines, not one based off another.

Seeing as this is the original and I prefer original things, I went up to the Liberian.

"Hey Goth." I said waving to him as he looked at me mumbling a hello.

"Checking out a book for Mr.Nightmares class." I explained as I handed him the book.

"Orignal story of Hua Mulan. This is actually a pretty good one, nice choice." He said writing in a paper then handing the book back.

"Let me guess, poetry." He said as I nodded.

"Good luck, Mr.Nightmares picky with poetry." Goth sighed as I took note of the information.

"So how's you and and Palete?" I asked as he seemed to hesitate for a second, but he quickly hid his hesitation.

"Good." He replied.

"You got a crush on him don't you?" I said low enough so only he could hear.

He stiffened and a slight blush crept on his face, he tried brushing it off though.

"..." He stood silent.

"I'll take that as a yes." I said smiling as he playfully glared at me.

"So what if I do. Why do you ask?" He questioned his glare glimmering with caution, who wouldn't be worried when someone knows who your crush is.

"Why haven't you made a move? It's obvious you two have known each other for a long time." I said remembering all the Times Palete mention about how long he had known Goth.

"He's completely oblivious, you might be to if you haven't noticed that." He replied as I thought about it.

"That's true, but that shouldn't stop you from making a move." I said more quietly as a student passed by to get to the other side of the room.

"But you want to know what does?" He said as I listened eyeing him curiously wondering what could possibly get in the way of his feeling for his-

"We're just 'best friends'. That's what Palete says." Goth smirked as he saw my dumbfounded face, he knew that I saw his point.

'Right, being friend zoned by your best friend. Ouch, definitely not the confidence boost a person needs.' I thought as I mentally face palmed myself.

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