Greetings my lovely, breath taking readers! I have quite the dilemma on my hands! Pst! Cue Selena Gomez...

*Dilemma by Selena Gomez plays*


My problem is that I have four current books I've been working on (one I have created two years ago and never finished)

And I want to share them with you but the problem is I'm doing two stories at a time, so I want you to help me to choose which story to write after I'm done with the PJ x Fresh (deadly scandals) book.

So here the list with a breif description.

1) Still here

1) Still here

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P.S. This is my very own original story that I made up two years ago but only recently started making a story for it. Its based off my drawing which is above this paragraph (obviously *face palms* why do i state the obvious? )

Still here is about a girl who loves in an ordinary boring orphanage.  However when she followings her heart it leads her to a whole new perspective of her very own world. No literally! Follow Unimei along her journey with her new found spirit friends.

Still here is a sequel and will have 3 other books

2) His Undying love

This story is about a Sky pirate who goes by the name Finn. After a little adventure early in the morning with his crew he meets some good friends that ask for help, little did he know how much it would change his almost criminal like life.

P.S. This book is based off of Kingdom hearts and Final Fantasy 12 and there is a Hamilton character I added. I wrote this story the first time I discovered wattpad which was three years ago so I was fourteen so I'd really appreciate if you guys would comment what you think about it when I do publish it, just to see where I improved or to know if I did good for a fourteen year old.

3) To love a Sin

To love a Sin is once again my very own original story! Warning, this book speaks of religious content but it's mainly for the plot of the story, just to shows how beliefs can impact my characters life. It revolves around a Christian boy named Lysander Hawkins. Always known as the golden child in his community he continues his days without much thought until a free spirited girl name Imogen (currently forgot her last name but it will be mentioned in story) waltz into his life. Join Lysander and Imogen to discover what reality really means on earth, the planet they call home.

4) Kingdom Hearts Tale

Many of you have probably already read this book. I unpublished it due to having a small error of losing the paper I wrote the plot on but I've found it and am ready to get back to work! This story is based off of Kingdom hearts and Undertale the plot and OC's are mine.

Kingdom hearts Tale is when our loveable brown hair keyblader is flying the gummiship and is shot down into an unfamiliar world without his friends. However as he tries to find the gummiship and his friends he realize the people that surround him need his help. Join Sora, Sans, Frisk, and Voice to uncover the mysteries of the underground on an epic adventure that could test our heros climax and abilities!

Any way! Just comment which book and I'll announce which one will be published next friday and have it prepared for publishing!

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