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New Faces by Cobrawarrior
New Facesby Imtired
Error and Ink are now happily together after a long, tiring journey! But little does Error know that Ink has another surprise waiting for him...
Everybody is Gay - Sanscest Oneshots [REQUEST CLOSED!!!] by Zanuud
Everybody is Gay - Sanscest Danuuz
Hoi peanuts, it's Mewu :3 Sorry for spelling mistakes I'm hungarian :P Pictures aren't mine. Contains: •○●○• I dunno, maybe rape, harassment, bad language, etc...•○●○• ...
Fresh x Paper Jam : The Innocent Love by arsenicInfidel
Fresh x Paper Jam : The Innocent that is the point infidel
Paper Jam and Fresh meet in a High School environment, and eventually learn to love each other, despite the differences between them.
Random Undertale Stuff (DISCONTINUED) by Galaxy_que
Random Undertale Stuff ( Crumble Muffin
Just some random undertale or other aus stuff that I just found at tumblr or the google pics ( I mostly post thegreatrouge's ) AND NONE OF THEM ARE ALL MINE ( THERE'S A...
title says it all Best rank- #10 in afterdeath Also I did the drawings unless said otherwise
AU Sans One shots! by Cobrawarrior
AU Sans One shots!by Imtired
Sanscest, Sans X Reader, Frans and Chans oneshots!!
Back in time Errorink by Simps4Ships
Back in time Errorinkby XxMidnight_GlitchxX
Its my first book ok so PLEASE dont mind my grammar , spelling or what is my logic. Paperjam the son of the God of Destruction and a Protector of Aus was sent to the pas...
..... | NaJ! Paperfresh [ON HIATUS] by wordsmith_forges
..... | NaJ! Paperfresh [ON HIATUS]by Maalaakha
Fresh was just, you know, 01011000==-- another t̴͕͖͓̀y̯̤͑́́̓́p̶̸̨̺͊̍̒̓̀i̵͓͙̱͚̎͟c̷̹͖͋́̃ă̶̸̝ͦ͊̿͋͞ḻ̸͈ͧ͑̓̓̀͡ nerdy skeleton Monster (because of course it's something you s...
Sanscest fanfics by ArtVirus
Sanscest fanficsby ArtVirus
I'm just writting down some fanfics I came up with. Some are depressing and some might be smutty so be carefull if you dont want that c: If you got any surgestions for s...
Undertale Au One-shots by Temmie-Official
Undertale Au One-shotsby Smash That Bad Movie
Taking Requests! (Cover is mine) Also, none of the other images or videos belong to me. None of the characters are real, or belong to me, unless specified. This is all...
|| Children of the Legends || by CC4ever2021
|| Children of the Legends ||by { Midnight_Kunoichi }
You know the story behind Undertale and its fandom, how ships are a constant thing and some people even make children from them. A common one is Paperjam and their broth...
Sanscest Oneshots by LittleDiamondFox
Sanscest Oneshotsby The Little Diamond Fox
Well here I am. I told myself I wasn't going to do this but reconsidered when I became a huge Undertale nerd. Who knows, I might even please some of you sinners! (most d...
~little things~ Jock! Pj x Nerd! Fresh [COMPLETED]*UNDER EDITING* by AltheeChann
~little things~ Jock! Pj x Nerd! Psychopathic Tendancies
*** STORY [edited 5/4/17] *** Fresh is young skeleton with his bro Cray (and his cousin Paps), they were abandoned by their real parents and their foster abusive parent...
Random Undertale (+AUs) Ship Short Stories! by LinaTheWriter
Random Undertale (+AUs) Ship Jack Stauber
(Mostly Sanscest) Need stories of your favorite (maybe unnatural) ships? Look no further! Here I write about ships! REQUEST IN THE COMMENT SECTION! It can be X Reader st...
PaperJam X Fresh *DISCONTINUED* by Gay_Toaster
PaperJam X Fresh *DISCONTINUED*by ^^Gay^^
I'm bad at descriptions. *DISCONTINUED*
My opinion on Ships by Lunacrystal3410
My opinion on Shipsby 🧟
Welp you can tell by the Title My opinions on Ships because im bored and have no life lol None of these characters are mine they belong to their respective owners.
Dream  x cross || Naj ||14+ by bakaharmzy
Dream x cross || Naj ||14+by bakaharmzy
Cross is your classic school nerd , dream is your classic jock , you might say its impossible for them to fall in love , but who knows ? 14+ || I do not own art , charte...
undertale au's roleplay [Discontinued] by Thunder6irl5now
undertale au's roleplay [ ☆SnowFlake☆
This role playing book has been closed and will most likely not ever be opened for role playing ever again so please don't leave comments thank you.
random sanscest stories for sin craving addicts (mOVED) by BearAnimy
random sanscest stories for sin Bear Animy
GO TO CAVETOWNFORTHESOUL Uh I have to many lemons going on in my head And i cant tie them to stories. So you're welcome.. these will mostly include <but are not limi...
One-Shots by KittyCat-Zaphmau
One-Shotsby Snake boi
Cover is not mine I have nothing better for it at the moment. And most of these one-shots will be taken from homework. If you have scenarios or ships you would like to s...