Greetings Beautiful/ Handsome readers! I wanted to let you know this is your last chance I submit a character of your own to the sequel of this story! Also its my 18th birthday today! Yay I'm finally an old Ptuget( Potato+Chicken Nuget)

Remeber you can submit a character as long as you give the info needed below.

As long as you tell;

💖Their name(full name if you want)
💖Their appearance(plz send a image to me through messages if you have a pic of them)
💖Their age
💖Extra important fact about them for ex: backstory or allergies (optional)
💖Their species
💖Their role (list of what I still need below)

What I need;
💖All spots for roles are taken!

Remember today is the last day, if you want you can submit another character!

With that said I hope you all have a wonderful New years eve, and New years.

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