AN; So this Chapter won't completely be the graduation ceremony mainly due to the fact i have not graduacted yet so i have no idea what happens besides speechs i don't feel like righting. So I summerize the speecges and explain what happens. Then i add Fresh and PJ's own speech for their perspectives of the year and so on then we'll explain how the gang celebrates after the ceremony. Hope ya have fun reading this!

Ch. Bonus chapter 2/4! Graduation

"Fresh!" Savage called as I heard the sound of foot steps come down the stairs.

"Fresh! What are you doing!?" She asked after almost tripping on her way to the table.

I looked at her tiredly wonder why she felt the need to yell in the morning, especially since she's not a morning person herself.

"I'm eating breakfast." I said simply pulling another spoon of fruity pebles with milk to my mouth.

"...Thats a delicious yet crappy breakfast because you could have chose better..." She mumbled.

"Are you offering to cook? Because i felt way too tired to." I said as she thought about a cringed.

"Nah, I'm too lazy this morning. Anyway you have to hurry up and get dress!" Savage said grabbing a bowl and spoon herself going after the box of cereal.

"Why?" I asked as she frowned.

"Oh, Dios mío, eres estúpido. This should be the other way around..." She groaned as I was confused.

"What?" I asked as She face palmed.

"I said oh my goodness you're stupid and that this should be the other way around, its graduation today!" She laughed as I let what she said process in my head.

"Hmm...oh jizz!" I yelped eating my cereal quicker after realising what today is and seeing the time.

Once done i put my bowl in the sink and ran up the stairs back to my room, I opened my closet door looking for the suit I bought a week age for this day.

I carefully but quickly put on the clothes, making sure they weren't wrinkled . Once my shoes were on I made my way back down the stairs to the bathroom passing my Savage and Wild, bith girls stiffling laughs as I walked by.

"What?" I asked irritatedly due to still being tired and wary of a prank.

"Hehe, you look like a little desk top man." Savage snickers as I mentally sigh of releif while also slapping her with gloves.

"Oh haha, real funny. In other words silence peasant." I said jokingly as she scoffed half heartedly.

"You know, if you keep talking to yourself people will think your crazy." She said as I roll my eyes.

"Whatever you say Savage." I laughed as i noticed how she was dressed.

"Why are you going to our graduation dressed as meme by the way?" I asked.

She was dressed as Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2 and had a hand made conversation bubble from mangas connected to her head band that said,' Don't worry you got a friend in me!' and i couldn't contain the laugh that came out of my mouth when Wild cane down the stairs.

She was dressed as Aqua from Kingdom Hearts birth by sleep and her dialogue like head band said,' Yeah, I know. Can you give Ventus back now?'

"Because we're awesome and hilarious. Plus it's just a silly graduation the real deal is college graduation, if anything this is a baby version of it so why not joke around?" She explained.

"Whatever you derps, lets go." I said grabbing Savages car keys.

" I thought he didn't have his license." Wild muttered tiredly but Savage shrugged.

" He doesn't, he has a permit but i have a license so its legal...unless the government decides to change that too then, then its a free for all Wild adventure." Savage said a pun making Wild cringe as I laugh.

Jumping into the truck Wild and Savage stole from one of their rivals at the last school, we drove off to the highschool ready to get out of the daily routine of waking up at 4:30 in the morning.

Once at the school we put on our graduation hats and walked out the halls in two lines next to the other as music played, standing in front of our seats we recited our school pledge and took our seats.

First they annouced the straight A students, me being among them. Then the straight A's and B's students Savage, PJ, and most of my friends being within this group. Those who were going to join the military, and then the teachers gave speeches.

Soon the Principle came up to the mike clearing their throat.

"Fresh is one among many students who stood brave in the face of fear, going as far as to risk his own safety for our school. Which is why I, the Principle of Integrity High call upon this young man along with those who fought along side him to step up among us today. Everyone please stand." The Principle said.

Everyone stood up including us students as the Principle turned to face us.

"As Principle it is my natural duty to be happy for you all today-" They said as I heard Savage chuckle behind me.

"Haha, they said duty..." PJ whispered to her as she did her best to contain her insane like giggles.

"However, you all on this stage today have left me speechless. Never, in my 28 years of working here have I ever met any braver students to be more proud of then today. Our school has never once in its history experience anything like what happened this year and even though we run drills, drills will never compare to real life. These students that stand before us now showed great Bravery, Perseverance, Determination, Integrity, and most important of In their time of dispair and fear, they joined together instead of letting fear get to them. They did not turn their back on each other but instead joined in unity to achieve their goals, which is why it is necessary for us to remember this day and honor these courageous students of our future by giving them medals for their spirits and teamwork." The Principle claimed as everyone cheered.

Everyone got medals and as a closing for the ceremony the Principle called Savage to the mike to sing the national anthem that she sang multiple time for her JROTC class.

Immediately after that we all went Mrs.Martha's to have a celebration later on recieveing scholarships from the mail man who happened to be Frisk's biological father.

Me and PJ stepped outside and sat next to each other on the porch enjoying each others company.

"...Hey Fresh?" PJ mumured as I hummed signaling he had my attention.

"I know we only started dating recently but the thing is I really like you, and I know your not the kind to treat this whole relationship thing as a joke but... Do you see a future with me?" PJ asked as I blushed.

It was a serious topic that made me feel like I would melt on the spot, that question is pratically the same as when your proposed to. Despite knowing the answer without a doubt, I couldn't help the shyness and sudden giddy feeling I got.

" O-of course I do, I mean I r-really like you too I sound like a huge idiot right now..." I groaned in the end as PJ chuckled putting an arm around me pulling me close to him.

"You do but it's adorable...I love you." He said kissing my forheadvas my face flushed brightly.

"...I love you too."

AN: Hope you enjoyed everyone, sorry for it taking so long. Schools been keeping me busy a lot.

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