AN; Yes, I skipped to the project mainly because the other days in school are technically the same as the first just with a bit more learning which I have no patience for. So enjoy!

Bold- Text messages

Ch.8 The Project

"Well students, congratulations. None of you died from a chemical reaction yet." Mr.Gaster stated as Asriel pouted.

"It was literally just a one time thing..." He mumbled as Frisk chuckled.

"A one time thing that made us have to evacuate the the classroom. Anyway, today is the day of the project. As you hopefully learned..." He trailed off glaring at BP who was constantly sighing out loud.

He tapped his ruler lightly on the cat like boys desk.

"Hmm?" BP looked at him bored.

"Stop with the sighing." Mr.Gaster demanded.

"That we have been working on earth science, and you now know what you need for your little project. You can make a model of the tectonic plates, models of a volcano, or show a model of water travels through the ground and much more. Be sure to choose one you both understand, begin." He stated as the class began to talk about the project choices.

Welp, this is akward.

We both just sat silently.

"Just in case you failed to notice boys, this project is one that relies on elaboration." Mr.Gaster as he walked past us checking things off of his clip board.

"Um..." I mumbled but couldn't find words.

"...I understand the valcano, you?" PJ stated glancing at me boredly.

"Yeah..." I replied, I understood everything we learned, it wasn't difficult. He probably choose the volcano because its the easiest.

"So we're doing the volcano, so when do we start?" Me and PJ asked at the same time makimg us a little surprised.

"...Okay, I guess we can see what we can find at the parksince we need materials." I said as PJ just nodded in agreement.

My phone in my pocket suddenly vibrated catching my attention, thankfully no one noticed besides PJ who didn't really seem to care.

I pulled it out to see a text mesage.

Hey my skele-buddy! Hows the new school? Is the lunch good there, if so then I'm offically switching schools! -Wild

I texted back.

It's okay I guess, and the school food isn't the best but it is better then your school.-Fresh

Hmm...well, it doesn't matter. I'm probably going to switch to your school anyway, plus Savage is most likely already there!- Wild

What!?- Fresh

Oh no, without Jade theres no way to keep Amber from getting in trouble especialy with how much sass she can get when mad.

You have to be joking! If you don't come Savage is gonna flip out on some one!- Fresh

...Bye!- Wild

"No..." I just layed my head in my arms on my desk. I can't control that girl...well actually I can't control eitherof them, but still!

The who state they live in doesn't know them as Savage and Wild for no reason!

When is she coming?-Fresh

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