AN; Greeting my slovely/handsome readers! AMOTimePlayer or you all probably know me as Savage by now, i would like to apologize for the lonh wait. Its just that school has started and as a girl about to become 18 and entering the adult world I'm also trying to find a job. Now i have been looking for a job since i was 15 but where i live its hard to find a job, also I'm excited to publish this chapter so with out further a do, here's your bonus chapter! (At least one fourth of them😂)

Bonus chapter 1

Fresh's POV

"Fresh! Hold up!" PJ called from the lunch line running over to our table.

Well, tables. We kind of destroyed the purpose of sterotypes but we don't care. His group of friends and mine finally saw things our way and they accepted each other despite their differences.

We all sat together in one big group now as PJ made his way to us, i could see Undyne and Remo smirking as they whispered to each other.

"Hey um...I wanted to ask you something..." He trailed off setting his tray down as he tried to find the right words to speak.

"Yes?" I asked watching him feeling a smile grace my face as I watched a light hue of a blush form on his cheeks in amusement.

"Um... I-I wanted to uh-" he was cut off by none other than the spunky Latino herself.

"Yo! Spit it out all ready! Watching you studder like a dingus almost makes me feel bad for you!" Savage laughed as PJ blushed darker as he glared at her.

"Hey! Shut it Veggie!" He said as everyone laughed while she flicked him off.

"Still healthier than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich." She grinned as Remo laughed yelling out,'get roasted!' making me laugh lightly.

"Haha! PJ its okay." I laughed lightly motioning for him to continue.

"...Yeah I know, it's just that...its the last few weeks of senior year now and I realized that this coming up school dance is the last one we'll ever have. I never really went to them, and this is actually going to be my first one but I was hoping you be my date to this dance?" He asked his face completely flushed as he smiled gently at me as I felt my face warm up into its own unique hue.

"PJ...? W-Wow um-" I was cut off by my latino friend

"You better fluffing say yes." Amber murmured loud enough for me to hear as everyone at the table was either whistling, rooting, or fangirling/fanboying.

"Jeez! Chill Savage! I'm saying yes anyway!" I said looking towards her.

"R-Really?" PJ asked shocked.

"Yeah, what made you think I'd say no?" I asked jokingly as his shocked expression changed into a happy one as he hugged me tightly lifting me off the ground in pure joy.

"Yes! You won't regret!" He said as I laughed blushing more.

"Haha I know I won't." I said we all sat down to eat our lunches laughing at dumb jokes and starting random conversations.

Later on however i was immediately dragged to Ambers room along with Wild.

"Savage what are we doing?" I asked as she shushed me walking over to her closet as Wild tried to attempt making the sound of drum rolls.

"Ta da!" The latina shouted swinging her closet doors open revealing a dress with a tie attached to it. (I didn't describe it so yiu could imagine whatever kinda dress you thi lnk suits him)

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