Greetings my lovely/handsome readers! AMOTimePlayer here (or Amber/Savage as some of you now know me as)

First of all I am finally getting my MRI for my brain tonight which is good but also bad considering it's thundering/raining really hard and there a hurricane watch here right which by the way I will be leaving soon and the weather hasn't got better.

However on to more important things as we all know this book will soon be coming to a close after these next 2 chapters but as a thank you for all your encoyragemebt, kind words and all out great humor and you all just being awesome I decided to add two bonus chapters! And guess what! You all get to choose by voting and or suggetions!

So here are the current ideas for the bonus chapters I made up so far;

1) Graduation day (basically we watch our beloved characters graduate and begin their lives together because how else will they do hilariously dumb things without each other?

2) The next Gen!!!! (We get to see our beloved characters not only as adults but with...*dramatic drum roll* BABIES/CHILDREN!!! We get to see cinnamon rolls! YAY!)

3)School dance (we get to see Fresh and PJ's cute moments as they wonder why their still friends with the weirdest girl in school

4)😓...The last three were all I had lol😅😂 so the fourth choice will be your suggestions! (Please no lemons or smuts though, they make me uncomfortable plus I want this to be a family/child friendly book)

Welp! Originally I was going to post this before I got my MRI but my mom came early and I didn't want to leave her out in the rain so tada! A slightly late chapter! Any way my mom will get a call from the neurologist about my results but I'm not sure when anyway have a wonderful day/night

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