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Ch.10 Hauntings

Like almost every other morning I used my skate board to go to school, since I learned the route to school the first week I didn't need to follow the bus.

"Hey Fresh!" I looked behind me but no one was there, I looked across the road and there was Shifteh roller skating on the side walk.

She wore a pink like sweater dress with short sleeves, with a blue belt with a gold buckle. She had cat like stalkings with blue shoes. She had a white purse with an anime cat face on it that matched the dress, with gold bracelets as well. Her blue and teal whirl pool like hair picked up in the same bun like ponytail.

"I didn't know you rolloer skate to school." I said as she tightened her helemet.

"Probably because I leave really earler, but I accidently slept in this morning." She said as I nodded understanding.

Eventually she joined me after crossing the road, we talked about several different things as we got continued to school.

"So how's your brother doing?" I asked as she brightened up more then she already was.

"Oh he's actually doing a little better! But he's unconscious. But my mom said he's okay so I believe her." She said happily.

"That's good to hear." I said.

"So how's your family?" She asked as I flinched.

"W-Woah!" I yelped as my skate board went off the side walk, I immediately fell into the bushes.

"Oh! Okay, oh my gosh! Are you okay?" Shifteh skated over worried more than she should be.

"Yeah! Yeah. I'm okay, nothing to worry about." I said standing up trying to think of something to say.

"Are you sure? That looked like it hurt." She asked.

'I just fell into bushes, how does that hurt when your a skeleton. Then again, how I landed might have seemed painful...'

"I'm fine really, and my family is okay..." I said wiping off the leaves and dirt from the fall.

As I picked up my skate board I swore I heard sirens go off.

I looked up but Shifteh wasn't there, and neither was the town I recently moved to.

Instead I was in a house. I was in THE house. The very house that constantly haunts me despite how many miles or states I went just to get away.

There was a pounding in my chest. I put my hand to my chest, feeling my heart beat racing ahead of me.

Flashing lights of red, white, and blue blinded me. Men and woman in uniforms and casual wear ran all over, paniced voice yelled and screamed.

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