📮Ch.1 Introduction📮

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AN; Warning you that Author-chan here is involved in this book so beware, Author-chan is crazy. Also since its Easter day there is a hidden easter eggs all throughout this book. Enjoy!

Chapter1 Fresh's POV

I woke up as my alram went off, I pressed the button sitting up. I tiredly yawned stretching then walking over to my wardrobe.

I opened the doors to reveal many diffrent vibrant colored clothes, all of the styled like the 90s clothing. I picked out my clothing and pulled out a bright green towel, making my way to the bathroom.

Now that I think about it. I should introduce myself, after all. Who wants to hear the details about me taking a shower?

My names Fresh, yeah I know. Not a normal name, but I love my name and wouldn't change it. I'm currently 16 and am in the 12th grade, yeah I know. Aren't you suppose to be in 10th? They put me in a higher grade and advanced classes due to me being intelligent. Im sure you can tell I love the 90's, no shame at all, I love it and am not afraid to show it. I'm a monster. No, seriously. That's my species, I'm a skeleton to be exact.

I have diffrent eyes then most other skeletons, they usually have eyes that look the same. I have a only one eye thats normal, my other eye is my soul I guess you can say. It's an upside down white heart, another unique thing about me.

I currently moved to Florida to a not very well known town called Bronson, I was going to be going to the high school here.

Of course I'm not nervous though, the first day of school is the same as always. The only difference this time is that I'm in a new place, don't know where to go once I get to school, and don't know anyone there yet... Okay. So maybe I'm a little too calm about this, but it is common sense.

One things for sure is that there's no way I'm taking a bus! All the yelling, the ranting, rude kids jumping seat to seat, and someone always kicking the back of your seat? Yeah, no thank you. I think I'll pass on that.

Of course I don't know how to get to the school and don't have anyone to take me, but thats what a skate board is for.

I'll follow the bus to the school if I have to, plus I'm pretty good at finding and creating short cuts. I can make it through. Now school, I don't know how things will go there, but I'll just go with the flow until I have to use my head.

Sure, plenty of things can go wrong on the first day. Yet weither you think I will be or not, I'm going to come out okay.

After all I am apparently a 'Nerd'.

AN; Hope ya enjoyed even though to me this chapter is terrible! There was an easter egg in here by the way!

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