Sequel announcement!

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Greetings my beautiful/ handsome readers, as promised I will announce which characters will be in the sequel this chapter!

I'm working on my organization skills so they will be in a category in alphabetical order lol, remember if I didn't choose your character you can still request for me to draw your character and I will post it within the sequel giving you a shout out anout you and the books you have!

So with that said, here's the list!

Characters (You/other contributors)

🔅= Not chosen yet/ this ch will be updated though

FreshPaper Pals;

1) E (KloKat502)
2) Yanamarie (CDcutieKittie)

1) Edward (Joshua/My brother)
2) Grillo (also Joshua)
3) Pinkie (Loribakersville)
4) Thamos (Joshua again)
5) West (Me)

1) Charlie Lee Grasheon
(MissBlueberry Muff)
2) Jack ( paperjam2)

1) Emily (4691psgames)
2) Panda (Lonely_Panda_hugs)
3) Rose Bluecryss
( Edgy-Nightmare)
4) Star (Pixel_Star)
5) Yuzuro Miyazoko

Support Ch;
1) Milkshake (Social_Panda)
2) Prince Royalty (A_Lost_Prince)
3) Scarlet Rush (Crazy-Creater04)
4) Yuki ( Yukiwesrteria)

1) Gallyaxy (Gallyaxy)
2) Josiah (My other brother)
3) Kaven Luke Cattail
4) Kat Rosetta (Kkcar024)
5) Yeuoeu ( Yeuoeu)
6) Imprint (Imprint_Sans77)
7) Ellie Jax (MissBlueberryMuff)

1) Shara Marcelina River
2) IceThrower

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