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Ch.13 Sleep over

I walked in class and as usual Mr.Faster had us do bell ringers then told us to work on our projects.

"..." Me and PJ both stood silent while almost everyone else was talking or planning.

I fought back a blush as I continued to think on what Goth said earlier.

'Do I have a crush on a PJ?' I've been constantly asking myself this ever since Goth put that...image in my head.

'No. I can't. it's only been two weeks, plus I hardly know the guy. What am I thinking!?' I thought mentally scolding myself.

"I got the stuff for the project." PJ said looking at me confused when I jumped at the sound of his voice.

"Wha...?" I was going to ask him to repeat what he said, but then I saw the stuff He was suppose to get for the project right in front of me.

"O-Oh, uh great. I got my stuff for the project the other day so..." I said trailing off.

'We agreed to work after school, but I have the sleep over to go to today.' I thought.

"So when do we work on it?" PJ asked seeming curious, probably because I kept dosing off.

"Um, tomorrow after school. Where do you want to work at?" I asked.

"My dad's going to have his lover over tommorow. Working at your place cool?" He asked as I metally panicked.

'Oh no. Darn it! I have to make up some excuse for why my parents won't be there.' I thought cringing at the thought of my 'parents'.

"Um...yeah. It's cool." I said as normally as I could but I still couldn't think of an excuse.

"Alright. So I tell my dad and we'll meet up where?" PJ asked.

"At the front office." I said as I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

'Why? They always seem to text me when I'm in science.' I thought pulling out my phone.

I was shocked to see an unsaved number. A text message.

If you care you should go check on G. This wensday 11:58 am -???

'G? Who's G? GSans? No, he still goes to the other school. If it isn't him then who's G? Who ever G is he must go to this school, the time seems to be in between 6th and 7th period.' I thought thinking but then sighed.

Who ever texted me must have the wrong number, either that or I'm being pranked by some kid that got a hold of my number.

"Psst...! Put your phone away...!" PJ said taking my phone from my hand when I didn't hear him, I flinched by this but stood silent when the teacher passed by.

I waited patiently pretending like everything was normal, once Mr.Gaster was gone I turned to PJ quick.

"Give me my phone back." I said quietly as PJ glanced at me then to the teacher.

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