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Ch.5 Calculating lunch

I left art class awhile ago when the bell rang and was currently in math class. Mrs.Muffet taught us about some equations then gave us a sheet of paper for practice.

"Why do we need math?" A random student asked.

"Because deary, how else will you keep track of your future income tax and money?" Mrs. Muffet said.

(the moment I thought of math I thought of counting then money then muffet it just felt right. Plz dont yell at me in comments I forgot most of the characters roles)

I put my pencil down when I was done with the work, just after a few more minutes the bell rang.

"If your done turn your paper into me and if not, well then you got homework to do dearies!" She said in an amused voice.

Some groans were heard as most kids walked out the classroom, some stopped to give in their work like me.

When I walked out I realized we had lunch, so I just followed everyone else to the lunch room.

When I got there I saw Alyphs shyly waving towards me along with Papyrus, West was walking over with her tray smiling with a skip in her step.

'Seems like I already made some friends.' I thought smiling more.

I went over to the table they decided to eat at, setting my stuff down.

"So, how do you think of the school so far, budster?" West asked happily with her some what high pitch, yet smooth voice.

"Its okay, except for Mrs.Daffy's class." I said.

"Y-yeah. She's not the b-best teacher, b-but she's the o-only one who i-is willing to teach C-career." Alyphs said.

"Hey, Fresh!" I turned around to see Palette calling me over.

"I'll be back." I said to the three walking over to the skeleton.

"Fresh tommorow is picture day, I was just letting you know. Also after picture day the clubs should be coming, so just in case you want to join one there's going to be a paper on the pin board over there." He said happily pointing to the pin board.

" Your apart of the welcome committee too aren't you?" I asked noting the advice.

"Actually no, but I plan on being in the cheer team!" He said happily.

"Oh alright. I guess I'll consider the thought of joining a club." I said not too sure with the idea.

"Okay!" Palette beamed.

We continued to chat a little eventually getting our food. Once we were out of line, I saw Palette head for the doors.

"Where are you going?" I asked confused. Weren't the students suppose to stay in the cafeteria?

"Oh, I eat lunch out side at the bench in front of the library. I'm meeting up with my best friend Goth like I always do, maybe you could meet him sometime!" Palette stated smiling.

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