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Ch. 21 Relax

I must have snuck in the kitchen by the looks of it, so I walked away from the window and around the counter, that separated the kitchen and living room.

I sighed of relief, when I heard their voice go completely faint. I lost them.

I shook a little when I felt a tug on my shoe lace, looking down at two adorably big blue eye's.

Pulling my shoe lace was probably the smallestmost, most cute, little white furred mouse I've ever seen. She had a pink nose and wore a simple teal dress, just staring at me with her big blue bell eye's.

I didn't want to scare her so I just smiled lightly and waved, but she just stared up at me. We stood like that until she smiled back.

"...Milk!" She pointed to the figedator.

As much as I dislike going through someone stuff it's what she wants, and I don't think I could say no to that face.

I got the milk out as she pointed to a small red cup with the child proof kid on top, pouring some in it.

She climbed up my arm when I let her on hand and pointed to the chocolate powder.

"Warm pwease." She said as I did what she wanted and warmed it up in the microwave, once it was done I handed it to her and she giggled happily saying a small thank you.

"Baby Grace, wher- oh my god!" I heard a voice turning around quickly to see the new reporter on earlier.

"I'm sorry M'am I came looking for Shifteh but I guess this is the wrong house!" I said frantically hoping she didn't recognize me.

"It's fine. I know who you are you just startled me is all, Shifteh told me your her friend so your fine. May I ask why you've come to see my daughter?" She asked as I stared shocked.

Is it bad I thought she was an adoptive sister to Shifteh?

"Uh, well you see my parents didn't come home tonight and they never gave me the keys to the house. I didn't know who else to go to." I lied hating how I lied to the woman but what choice did I have?

"Oh, that's bad. Well, Shifteh's in her room at the moment. You can stay until your parents come back, you can wait in the living room and I'll go get her for you." She smiled at me kindly as I still felt bad, but forced a smileon any way saying thank you.

"Go ahead a sit down in the living room I'll bring you a cup of ice cold water, and a plate of dinner we had earlier. You looked like your tired and our of energy." She said as I was shocked.

"Uh wait you don't hav-" She cut me off.

"Shh, you look like your sick and I've been a doctor before so I can tell when your not feeling well. As long as you are under my roof you will be fed, and respected as our guest. Now relax, it's been a long week for you most likely, and even though I'm a news reporter doesn't mean I'm going to be nosy; Just let your stress go. It's making to very tense." She said leading me to the living room and sitting me down seeming shocked by something.

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