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Ch.19 Freeze tag Part 1

"No! Dodge to the left! No, no, no! Damn! You are literally throwing your HP out the window!" Savage yelled at me.

She got me to play kingdom hearts two and I was currently fighting Roxas. She warned me that he was going to be hard for me, I should have listened.

I heard my door slam open and close suddenly, I turned around and so did Savage. Although She pulled out a knife, as I looked at her questioning why she had it

"Fresh, stay here." She ordered but I refused.

"No". I whispered back.

"Fine. Don't blame me if you get turned into a zombie one day." She hissed walking to the entrance as I rolled my eyes, she can be ridiculous yet harsh but it's because she cares.

We both stood silent hiding behind the stairs, as we heard hard breathing coming from the door along with the sound of the lock.

"Okay, on the count of three I go at this person. You get the belts over there, make sure their strong belts and help me restrain them." She said as I nodded but was still confused.

"Why not just call the cops?" I asked as she smiled at me.

"Oh Fresh, dear precious Fresh...where's the fun in that?" I wanted to laugh at her statement and tried my best to stay silent.

She put on her hat and slid her hood on, now she either is doing this to be dramatic or she's going to hurt this person badly.

She counted with her fingers.

"One...two..." She silently whispered

"Three." A voice said behind us.

"Shit!" Savage mumbled throwing a punch at the person, she pushed me away as the person went to hit her.

She managed to dodge it and kicked them making them fall in the kitchen.

"Amber!" I shouted after her running through the living room to get to the other door to the kitchen.

I snuck into the kitchen crawling to the other side, using the island in the middle to help me.

"Ah!" Savage yelped in pain when she was thrown onto the island in the middle of the kitchen.

"Some help would be nice about right now." She said kicking at the person.

"Would yo- Ouch!" Who ever was behind the hood didn't finish as Amber tackled them.

They tried pulling her off as she choked them with their hoodie, but truth was she was just holding it for dear life.

I rummaged through the kitchen utensils.

"G-Get off!" They shouted as they pulled Savage by her shoulders and slammed her on the ground back first.

She hissed in pain and winced but got up regardless, when did get up her hood fell off but her hat stood on.

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