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Bonus Ch.4/4 Teaser to sequel

"Dad! Dusk ate all my mint cookies! Again!" Dawn shouted as I sighed.

" Why can't you two be as inseparable as you were when you were kids?" I asked as Dusk glared at her brother.

"For the last time, i didn't eat your stupid cookies. Their not even that good any way." She seethed.

"Well Starlight didn't do it, and i know cause she always ask before taking anything." Dawn replied back to his sister's dismay.

"I'm not the only one that takes things withiut asking, maybe it was Papa PJ!" She yelped back.

"Okay that's enough! You two should know better than to fight over something as irrelevant at cookies." I claimed as they both looked at me confused.

"Um, says the man who was literally wrestling over macaroons with Papa PJ the other day." Dusk said rolling her eyes as I deadpanned.

"Okay yeah, yeah fine I did. However that doesn't change the fact you two keep arguing almost constantly, me and your father only do that once in a blue moon. Now would you two stop fighting, you know it upsets Starlight." I said gesturing to their triplet twin sister who was frowning at them sadly.

I knew this struck the two siblings as they both cared deeply for their youngest twin, they both sighed and turned to each other.

"I'm sorry for accusing you, Dusk. I just don't like having my things taken without permission and it was wrong of me to jump to conclusions..." Dawn explained as Dusk nodded.

"Its fine, I shouldn't have raised my voice in the first place." Dusk replied looking at her sneakers with shame that she upset her siblings.

"Sorry for arguing in front of you Star." Dawn looked over to Starlight.

"Yeah, we're really sorry. We both no you hate arguments and we did anyway..." Dusk also stated.

"Good. Now did all of you get your homework done?" I asked as Starlight cringed at the question.

She muttered to herself about how she knew she forgot something as she ran up the stairs to her room.

"Dusk? Dawn?" I asked as Dawn put a thumbs up as Dusk pouted.

"Is it really necessary?" She asked as I gave her a look.

"Fine!" She groaned.

"Dawn, can you please help your sisters with their homework so they can have it done before tommrow?" I asked as my son nodded following his sisters steps.

With that out of the way I could finally relax...for now.

Its been 3 years and all of them are 12 years old soon going on 13, me and PJ finally paid off the morgage for the house and now didn't have to worry about being kicked out.

I took a step outside onto our front porch me and PJ built a year before the triplets, feeling the nice cool breeze on my face as I closed my eyes relaxing.

It was a nice morning; the sun was out shining a wonderful light into the sky creating an array of light colors, shining through the branches and leaves of trees in the yard specifically the oak tree that ours kids for some reason named Lemana.

I began questioning what the names origins were when I suddenly heard a yawn from behind me.

"Dusk is upset that you ate her cookies again." I laughed as PJ sighed.

" I'll apologize later when she's not so cranky then, but I can't help the fact I get sudden cravings for those cookies. Their good, only people who are alergic to cookies could resist them." He sighed as he sat down next to me.

"You might as well start leaving notes saying its you, otherwise their going to end up trying to create safe places for their snacks. Which didn't end well last time if I may remind you." I laughed a bit as he laughed with me.

"That was a disaster... So, any word from Saveggie?" He asked me as I cringed but smiled nonetheless.

"You still call her that?" I asked as he shrugged.

"As long as she continues to call me PB&J, that nickname will never die." He laughed.

"Fair enough, and actually I've got a text from her earlier. She's moving back into the neighborhood, and apparently she has a surprise for us and the kids." I explained happily.

"That's don't think she's pranking us right?" PJ snickered as I shook my head.

"I don't think so...hopefully. Starlight is still trying to get the glitter out of her hair..." I mumbled but we both laughed in the end, I sighed though looking out towards the main road.

"You okay babe?" PJ asked as I thought about how to reply.

"Yeah, I just...I feel like something is off." I admitted.

"...You feel like that too? Well, now at least we know something in definitely up." PJ sighed as I looked down at the ground.

"I'm glad that Amber's moving back to town..." I murmured.

"Why's that?" PJ asked but I could tell he was thinking the same thing.

"We're going to need her."

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