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Ch.9 Shifteh

I decided to walk home after finally getting out of the crowded halls.

"Hey, Fresh!" I looked to the side to see Palette waving to me happily, as he walked with another skeleton with hood on.

I waved back with a small smile.

At least I'm having a better time making some feiends at this school than my last. At my last school Savage, Wild, and Fade were my only friends.

This year I can already tell who are my friends; West, Palete, Blue Berry, Ivory, Alyphs, Papyrus, and Trinity. Seven friends, I'm use to only making three friends so I'm kinda surprised now.

Blue Berry and I'm assuming the other guy with Palette was Goth, walked to the same bus together both seeming happy.

I made my way to the gate in front of the front office, waving goodbye to my friends along the way.

I was near the building of the front office when suddenly...

"Hey! Wait!" A feminine silvery voice called behind me.

I turned to see the girl from my 7th period class.

(pic above) She had blue skin with pink and purple like markings on her body. She had light teal eyes with her pupils being the shape of an upside down tear drop. She had teal eyeliner and teal lipstick, with pointed ears and a tail. Her whirl wind like blue and teal hear picked up in a bun that turned into a ponytail, she wore a pink sweater with purple and teal shorts along with matching shoes.

I thought she was calling for someone else so I was about to start walking, until suddenly she grabbed my hand the moment I was going to continue walking.

I violently jumped at the contact holding in a yelp, I quickly pulled my hand away holding it to my chest.

"Sorry, just trying to get your attention real quick." She breathed seeming to be out of breathe.

"...D-Did you... Run all the way up here?" I stuttered still uncomfortable due to the sudden contact.

"Yup! Its not easy coming from Mr.Gasters all the way up here." She breathed standing up straight.

"Are you okay? You seem...nervous." She asked as I realized I was slightly shaking, I instantly forced myself to stop pretending to be fine.

"Yeah, just didn't expect you running all the way up here is all." I said.

"Oh, well I'm Shifteh. Sorry about startling you." She said smiling at me sweetly.

"Oh, um. Its fine, I'm Fresh." I said continuing to walk with her beside me.

"So what are you making for Mr.Gasters class? Me and Chara are going to make our project on Earthquakes." She asked as we both walked to the front office.

"Me and PJ decided on a Volcano, I'm just surprised he didn't bully me while we were talking about it though." I said as I noticed she frowned a little.

"Yeah...You better be careful. He's a jock, if your not careful he'll take advantage of being your partner." She said as I nodded in acknowledgment.

"I know that, I doubt I can avoid it though..." I said as I could already see him ditching out of the project to leave me to do it, then take most of the credit when I get it done.

"If he trys to leave you to do the project I think you should just do it and make sure to tell Mr.Gaster you had to do by yourself since he doesn't know the meaning of team work." She said.

She did have a point but one part she said didn't make sense.

He's a jock, he literally plays a sport that reqiures team work. He has to know how to do team work.

I doubt he would do any team work in a science project though.

"Do you walk home too, or do you ride your skate board?" She asked pointing to my board.

"Well for the past few days I've been riding my skate board, but I decided to take a walk for today." I answered.

"Okay. Thats cool though." She said smiling more as I was confused.

"Whats so cool?" I asked.

"The fact you can ride a skate board. I always wanted to try to ride one that my brother has, but he hasn't been doing to well lately." She said looking down at the concrete of the side walk.

"Really? Is he okay?" I asked.

"Well, I'm adopted. He's human, but he has this thing called lung cancer. He tell me he'll be fine, but I can't help but worry about him." She said as I was shocked.

'She doesn't understand does she? I can't tell her how dangerous it is for a human to get cancer, especially in the lungs.'s better than having brain cancer. Thats so sad though...' I thought feeling pitty for her and her brother.

"He said that one day he'll be better, good as new. And when he does he'll teach me how to skate board." She said with a sad smile.

"I don't think he's coming back good as new though, he just seems so...miserable. I feel like he's not telling me something." She said looking up at the gate in front of us.

"...I'm sure he'll come out fine, maybe he'll come out better than good as new." I said trying to cheer her up, she smiled kindly in response.

"Maybe, I hope he does." She said.

We continued walking and talking all the way to apparently both of our street.

Turns out she lived right next to the house across the road from me, we also got along extremely well along the way.

"See you tommorow at school Fresh!" She giggled waving happily after our conversation on a Youtuber called BijuMike (did I spell that right)

"Bye Shifteh." I said waving as I walked inside my house.

Make my statement earler eight new friends.

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