Info on Bonus chapters!

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Greetings my amazing readers! We've come a long way in this book and I just want to let you all know it means so much to me that your all enjoying this story I put together (literally just made it for the heck of it plus I ship it)


So I had all you wonderful people vote on what should go in the bonus chapters and I got several comments and one in particular gave me a wonderful idea! I'll do all three of those ideas in the first bonus chapter!

What about the second bonus chapter you ask? Well I assure you all will enjoy the surprise I have coming in for you! So with that explained the next 58 chapter will probably be published a little late (so much for staying on schedule lol😅😂)

However I promise I'll make it worth it! Many things will be revealed in the next and final chapter! Also I will be publishing drawings of each character in my book including some of the characters that don't belong to me (Fresh, PJ, Gaster, Frisk ect)  So I hope you enjoy and once again thank you all for your support and hilarious comments!

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