AN; Yup, last chapter was depressing for all of us even for me because our precious ship Poth was out in danger. So this chapter will be a little sad, but it will most definitely summon a rainbow! You'll understand what I mean soon so enjoy!

Ch.17 Guess who's here!?

He did it. Goth made it to the hospital on time, I know because Palete called me.

It's on the news too. Mr.Ink and Palete told the principal I was too upset to see and tell her what happened, so I talked to the principal and told her what happened through the phone.

The news didn't give away too much though, only showing the scene of Goth getting sent to the hospital. It was on right now actually.

"- It was said that this student, Goth; was the aid of the Liberian, the Liberian went to pick important papers up from the office when this student was attacked." A snake like man said.

"-Mr.Austin don't you wonder who would hurt such a young man. I'm personally curious of the reason for this terrible act." The mouse like woman next to him asked shuffling through papers and making them neatly into a pile.

"I really do Martha, but I'm just glad he was found before it was too late. In fact the student who performed the heroic act upon the student, was in fact another student that goes by the name Fresh." I choked on my class of water as a picture of me appeared in the television. It was the picture they took of me in picture day at the school.

"It was said he immediately called Goth best friend Palette who dragged their art teacher Mr.Ink to the scene. Immediately they performed as a team to get help for the injured aid. A student named Shifteh who took over reporting to the ambulance since Fresh, Traumatized most likely having some kind of relationship with the victim after seeing the boys state." Mr.Austin said.

"-Right now doctors in the hospital are doing their best to recover the Integrity high school student, so far no other reports on Goth have been made. How ever there was a report of the heroic student, who found the victim was seen running out of the school gates off somewhere. Police are going to do an investigation in this and unfortunately our obviously dramatized yet heroic student Fresh will most likely be the first questioned in the horrible scene." Martha explained as I turn the TV off.

I was to shocked and mad. They showed my picture on TV, naturally I wouldn't care like everyone else if my picture was in TV; but I'm not everyone else.

There's a reason I moved. A reason I rather not talk about.

"So that's why you competely flipped out earlier?" I jumped at the sound turning to see PJ in my living room.

"How'd you get in here?" I asked.

"Your door was unlocked." He said as he set the stuff for the project on the table.

"..." I stood silent.

"...I would freak out if I had that happen to me too." He said plainly as I sighed.

I feel like I should apologize to him. Sure, he said he wasn't planning anything against me and I still don't believe him...but either way he was trying to help regardless of what his intentions are.

I'm beginning to think I'm too forgiving.

"...Look, I...I'm sorry I blew up earlier..." I said but didn't get a reply, instead a hand suddenly pulled me back and I helped when I fell on the couch.

"No prob, just chill. Your going to need it, Nerd." He said as I looked at him confused.

"Why do you say that?" I asked as he set everything even my stuff I left at school on the bare table in front of us.

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