AN; Hope ya enjoy! P.S. Mrs.Daffy is my OC since I start couldn't find a career teacher in the Nerd x Jock AU.

Ch.4 Colorful Career

I walked out of the gym with a slight shiver due to the morning air, I walked over to a building on the right following the map of the classes.

Once I reached the one I was suppose to be in, I opened the door to see a simple class full of other students.

"Morning, you must be Fresh the new student. I'm Mrs.Daffy your career teacher." A duck like monster said.

She had pale white feathers and glasses, she seemed to wear a...strange brown wig...It looked like Chubaka's hairdo from star wars but curlier. She wore extremely tacky clothes with a pearl necklace. She had brown eyes and a complete fake smile on her bill, as she marked me present.

"Take a seat please." She said when the bell rang, I sat a chair in between a blue bunny, and a yellow dinosaur.

My mind was still clouded on what happened in gym, especially with what Coach Error said. I shook my head deciding it wasn't a very good idea to linger on.

"Why should I do it? Your just going to lose all my papers like you did last year!?" One of the kids from my gym class said to the teacher.

"Excuse me!?" The teacher said as she began to get a snotty attitude with the student.

"Oh, your excused." The student relpied with distaste.

I shook my head again already telling this was a class everyone struggled in. I looked to my right to see the yellow dinosaur drawing a person.

This caught my attention so I payed a little more attention, she seemed to be drawing a fish like teen in an anime outfit.

"Sorry for being in your buisness but what are you drawing? The outfit looks familiar." I asked trying to be nice.

"O-Oh! is just m-my drawing, i-it isn't t-that good." She said as a light blush covered her cheeks, as she shyly tried to cover the drawing.

"Are you kidding? It looks radical, I wish I could draw like that." I said taking note of the outfit designs.

"Isn't that outfit from Mew Mew Kissy Cutie?" I asked not being able to hold back a smile.

"Y-you know Mew Mew K-Kissy Cutie?" She asked excitement clearly in her voice. (fixed the typos!)

"Yeah, have you seen the second season yet?" I asked just as happy.

"Y-Yeah! I can't w-wait for the next e-episode!" She said happily. We talked about I favorite episodes as the teacher argued with a student about some paper work.

The bell rang for the next class.

"Oh my names Fresh by the way, whats yours?" I asked taking the paper from my desk, and putting it in my folder in my bookbag.

"A-Alyphs, do you w-want to talk about M-Mew Mew Kissy C-Cutie next time? Th-that's if you want t-to though." Alyphs stuttered shyly.

"Sure, in lunch. Does that sound good?" I asked as she smiled shyly with a yes.

"See you later." I said as I walked out with a wave as I followed the map of the school to my next class, which was the building on the other side of the office. I entered the buliding about to look for the next class room.

"Hey!" I heard a angry yell from the in front of me which distracted me.

"Ah! I'm sorry!" The bunny from last period apologized frantically, as a familar fish girl grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

"You hit me with your locker, I'm not about to let you get away with that you little punk!" She yelled in the poor bunnys face.

"It was an accident-!"

"No more excuses!" She yelled getting ready to hurt him.

"Stop!" I yelled running past three other teens accidentally bumping into one of them, just in time to grab the fish like teens wrist and force her to let the bunny go.

"Get out of the way! That punks gonna pay one way or another!" She yelled at me fixing to walk over to the terrified bunny, but I made sure to step in her way.

"No." I stated simply not about to let another teen get hurt in front of me, although inside I was a bit scared. The last time I stood up to a thick headed jock didn't turn out so well.

"Grrr! PJ, there's some stupid punk that won't get out of my way!" She said anger still in her voice.

Everyone was staring now, some with terrified faces and some with smirks.

One of the teens I ran through before walked out from behind her, and I tensed cringing inside as I saw who it was.

His diffrent colored eyes stared into mine with annoyance, his stare was so sharp it almost was like a sharp needle stabbing through me. He grabbed the collar of my shirt and slammed then pinned me to the lockers, as he stared at me obviously angry. I couldn't look away from his stare, as he glared harder at me.

"Last warning nerd, don't get in the way." He said as the bell rang and students rushed to class, then a door opening ahead of us was heard.

"What's going on here!?" A male teacher asked as PJ let go of my collar, I was so shocked I just fell sitting up against the lockers.

"Let's go." He stated without another glance towards me, as a teacher rushed to me and the bunny.

"Thanks." The bunny said before running past the teacher.

"Hey, wait!...gone." He sighed looking at the disappearing five teens then looked at me.

I looked up at him.

He was also a skelleton, although he was light boned like me. He had two blue eyes but his right eye had a golden star, and he had black paint on his left cheek bone. He had a white button up shirt under a light brown sweater, with a black scarf (jacket?) around his waist with dark brown pants. He had brown boots and a pair of glasses on.

He sighed helping me up.

"You must be the new student, Fresh. I'm Mr.Ink the art teacher, your in my third class period. Do you mind telling me what happened." He asked as I shrugged.

"...Okay, lets just get you back to my class." He said as we entered his classroom, the moment we did he put on a smile for the class.

"Morning class! Some of you remember me from last year, and some of you not so much. Thats okay though because today were going to do a project." He stated explaining the project what we need and all.

"And its due on wensday that way to have an extra day to work on your poster, on Wensday we'll do a presentation." He stated passing out posters to everyone explaining a few more things.

Once done he let us get started, but I couldn't really think creatively at the moment.

'I really screwed up didn't I?' I thought sitting there thinking the same thing for the whole class.

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